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Theories for the origin of cop abound, including the copper badge explanation you mention. We'd always been under the impression that the term was an acronym for "constable on patrol." Well, it seems we're both mistaken, as we learned from our roundabout quest for the answer. A simple Yahoo! search on "cop" returned many relevant categories, but we came up empty after checking sites in several categories. We decided to narrow our probe by searching for "origin of cop" (using quotation marks around the term). We weren't expecting much, but when one of the results turned out to be a page from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary we clicked hopefully. What we found was basically an advertisement for the Merriam-Webster New Book of Word Histories. At first we were disappointed, but then we realized why this page had appeared in the search results -- the word "cop" was one of the sample entries. Around the year 1700, the slang verb cop entered English usage, meaning "to get ahold of, catch, capture." By 1844, cop showed up in print, and soon thereafter the -er suffix was added, and a policeman became a copper, one who cops or catches and arrests criminals. Copper first appeared in print in 1846, the use of cop as a short form copper occured in 1859.
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How much does a cop get?

I'm America not sure. But in England depends on your rank. Usually starts at around 23 grand a year.

What can the cops not do?

The cops can't search you without your consent unless they suspect you're armed or etc. They can't enter/search your house without your consent even if they think you have illegal stuff there; they need a search warrant first. The police can't search your car without probable cause or your consent; (MORE)

Where did cops come from?

I know of two theories, but I'm sure there are more. 1. Way back in the early days of law enforcement, the people doing the enforcing were called constables. Cop is though to be an acronym for C onstables O n P atrol. 2. They were called Cops because of the prominent copper buttons on their (MORE)

Can you be a cop with a GED?

Yes you can be a cop with a G.E.D, as long as you go to college and go to police academy you can get hired for a police officer.

What can you say about the cops?

Answer . they think they rule the world with that uniform, badge and gun, but when in civilian clothes they don't dare to even argue, stare, or scream at a criminal, the only authority they know they have is their wife and kids and even then the wife says wuz up. cops know their limit though and (MORE)

Can a cop search you?

Yes, under certain carefully delineated conditions and reasons they can... and they can ALWAYS conduct a 'pat-down' search for their own safety.

Where did the word Cops originate?

Answer Likely this slang word for a police officer can be traced back to the Old French word caper, which meant to take or to seize. It entered English as cap before 1589. The word is used in "Plaine Perceuall the Peace-maker of England" by Richard Harvey. Cap him sirra, if he pay it not. The word (MORE)

What you need to be a cop?

Civil service regulations govern the appointment of police and detectives in most States, large municipalities, and special police agencies, as well as in many smaller jurisdictions. Candidates must be U.S. citizens, usually must be at least 20 years of age, and must meet rigorous physical and perso (MORE)

What can you do about cops?

First, try not to break the law. They won't bother you if you're not violating any laws. This includes not speeding, jaywalking, taking drugs, etc. If you are questioned by a police officer, your valid responses should be: 1. Yes, officer. 2. No, officer. 3. I require an attorney, officer. (MORE)

What do cops do?

Contrary to popular belief, not all cops are fat. Many do not sit in their cars drinking coffee and eating donuts. In the radio room they answer calls and dispatch officers to the scene. When they arrive the cops quickly asses the situation and stop the problem. If it is severe, then the S.W.A.T tea (MORE)

Why do cops have tasers?

Tasers are a non-lethal way to help control a combative ordangerous suspect. If the specific situation allows for it, anofficer will tase the suspect instead of using a firearm.

What education does a cop have to have?

To become a police officer, there is no educational requirementsother than having a high school diploma. Training is continuousthroughout the hiring and career of an officer.

How do you ask a cop out?

Law enforcement officers are human, just like everyone else. Approach them, or react towards them on a human level and they will respond pretty much the same as any other occupational group. Except for the the outward appearance of their profession -uniforms and equipment and such - they are pretty (MORE)

What is a animal cop?

a animal cop is someone who puts animals before him or herself. they are qualified as police officers but they defend the abused animals and remove them from neglected homes and aggressive owners.

Can you arrest a cop?

I wouldn't try it if you are sane. If you witness a cop doing something illegal, you may do anything from filing a complaint with their department, to reporting it to another department or state police, depending on the severity of the crime.

What do animal cops do?

Animal cops save animals from being harmed or neglected and they also provide them with food water and shelter. If they bring an animal in and the animal is hurt they help and fix the hurt animal. If they see that the animal has been abused then they will arrest the person for animal cruelty and put (MORE)

What is the meaning of cop out?

cop·out n. Slang. . A failure to fulfill a commitment or responsibility or to face a difficulty squarely. . A person who fails to fulfill a commitment or responsibility. . An excuse for inaction or evasion.

What do undercover cops do?

Their identity as law enforcement officers is hidden and they are assigned to investigate crimes and criminal acts unable to be "worked" by investigators openly identifiable as law officers. (i.e. - drugs - organized crime - biker gangs - smuggling - etc - etc). They also are involved in crimes tha (MORE)

Cops got search warrant with only snitches word can you fight this?

this just happened to me, you can only fight it if the source if information was false, but most cases your screwed because the police are the police and they can basically do what they want because they are the authority of the state, even if they are dirty pigs who are corrupt.

Can the cops do drugs?

Sure. But it's not legal if the drugs they are doing are illegal. Police officers who use controlled substances are subject to the same penalties as others who use them are. Plus, they can be fired for drug use. And a cop who has to do time is a marked person. And before you get started, don't plead (MORE)

Why do they call a COP a cop?

Because back in the day, they used to wear copper badges, so they were nicknamed Coppers, which got shortened to Cop.

Are There Corrupt Cops?

yes. . Like in Iowa Mason City one cop there had sex with an underage girl just so he would buy beer for her so if one cops is doing that i wounder how many more are like that

What is a salary of a cop?

Cops get paid about $17 an hours because they flock strippers that they find. This earns them the other $7.

Why are cops fat?

I think that cops who are fat can't help them selves not eat when they are sitting in a car 24/7 and have nothing else to do but to go to the drive threw and order all the donuts they can stuff in to there fat mouths

Can a cop ticket another cop?

Yes, a cop can ticket another cop and in cases where a police officer commits a serious crime, another officer may be involved in issuing a ticket or making an arrest. However, it's generally believed that police officers will avoid ticketing other officers except where actions are so egregious as (MORE)

What do cops wear?

Police uniforms if they are in the uniformed branch or normal cloths if they are not.

Can you be a cop in gta4?

Don't think so,I think this one time,A cop was chasing someone,I pushed over the guy the cop was after,and the cop arrested me,and I was all like...O_o

What is a cop out sheet?

A "cop-out" sheet is a form that a county jail provides to "inmates" that are currently incarcerated and have outstanding tickets or warrants to resolve. Once an inmate sends a "cop-out" sheet to the courthouse in which the ticket or warrant pertains to, that courthouse is "suppose" to call that inm (MORE)

How do you hide from cops?

Jump in The woods and stay low and don't move for about an hour. hide under a blanket,it works every time

What do you do when the cops are after you?

Remember cops will ask questions if you answer them or not is up to you. Don't resist. Reason with them. Ask what is wrong. etc. why do you want to know...? O_o never lie, always state the truth. they will usually ask the same question twice, but in different wording. be prepared. tell the tr (MORE)

What is word for Paris cop?

A policeman is called 'un policier' and a policewoman is une policière' in French. Another term is 'un agent de police', often shortened in 'un agent'. French people address them as 'monsieur l'agent' or 'madame'. Informally the term 'un flic / une flic' means 'a cop'.

Does a cop have to tell you he is a cop?

Im not 100% but in most cases yes. A police officer will announce he is a police officer and should have his/her badge in clear view. one exception i can think of is if the officer is doing a undercover job. In that case i believe he would only announce himself/herself if they are arresting the subj (MORE)

What do you know about cops?

http://www.policecrimes.com/police.html If you go to this site it will give you a very good idea of how the police work and your rights

What is a cop code?

cop codes are codes that police use to talk to each other without the suspect knowing what they are talking about.

Why the do you have cops?

well if we don't have cops our community would never be safe so if we do have cops we would be relaxed to be knowing that we are safe and we know that they are taking care of us and plus cops fight crime and other stuff which we couldn't do.

Where does the word cop come fom?

The original term was "copper". While commonly believed to be an acronym for Constable On Patrol, the term refers to "one who captures or snatches". This word first appeared in the early 18th century, and can be matched with the word "cap", which has the same meaning and whose etymology can be trace (MORE)

Do the words guts and cops rhyme?

No, they do not. If you mean does guts have words that rhyme withit, and does cops have words that rhyme with it, yes, they do.Please ask the questions separately.

What can't cops do?

Cops can't make up the law. They have to follow the law as it is written in the law books and as interpreted by the courts. Police officers are supposed to be trained on the law, both early in their careers as cadets and later they get updates on the law every year in special classes for re-certific (MORE)

How do you get a career as a cop?

Contact the agency you are interested in and ask to be sent whatever recruiting materials they may have or go see them in person. The information you seek will be included in the material you receive. If the agency you are interested in maintains a website you can often find that information includ (MORE)

Which are the cops newest cop cars?

The Police in Burlington, IA are now driving the Ford Taurus andFord SUVs. The State Troopers in the area now drive Ford Mustangs and DodgeChargers. I've seen local members of the Sheriff's Department driveFord SUVs.

What is a cop?

In American English, "cop" is the slang term for a police officer.It and also be used to mean grab, as in "to cop a feel".

Is cops a bad word?

No its a slang term referring to police officers , Shortened fromthe British Coppers which mean "someone who captures". In BritishEnglish, the term cop is recorded in the sense of 'to capture' from1704, its derived from the Latin capere via the OldFrench caper.

Is cop a slang word?

Yes. it is derived form is Cop or Copper. The term Copper was theoriginal, unshortened word, originating in Great Britain to mean"someone who captures". (In British English, the term Cop isrecorded (Shorter Oxford Dictionary) in the sense of 'To Capture'from 1704, derived from the Latin 'Capere' via (MORE)

Can a cop stop another cop?

If a cop is breaking the law in any way, he can be arrested as ifhe's any other person. Police officers are not above the law.