Who cut off Moby Dick's head?

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No one, Moby Dick survives the fight and everyone else dies, a bunch of other wahles get their heads cut off (by Stubb I believe)
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Can you see after your head is cut off?

People have been known to blink and move their eyes after being beheaded, so I'm sure they might be able to see a few moments. Most people die right away though. Creepy.

Why do they cut the head off a whiting fish?

You are probably getting it frozen in a box, and the head is cut off so that it fits well in the box. The are not "only" sold H&G (head off and gutted). But their head isn't attractive...... they cut the head off because if us humans see that it has a face like us then we want eat it anymore

How did Perseus cut off the Gorgon's head?

He waited until she was sleeping, and then cut off her head by watching her reflection on the shield that Athena had lent him. Some tales say she wasn't sleeping but Perseus had a magical item as a gift from the god to make him invisible.

Who was Moby Dick's enemy?

Queequeg, Starbuck, Ishmael (feel free to call him that), but most of all, Captain Ahab.. Queequeg, Starbuck, Ishmael (feel free to call him that), but most of all, Captain Ahab.

Why can a roach survive with its head cut off?

A cockroach can survive 9 days without it's head, before it starves to death. Actually, roaches' brains aren't completely in its head--it's spread out throughout the body, mostly situated in their legs. They can survive for several weeks before finally dying of starvation. Even its head lives on f (MORE)

Did bloody Mary get her head get cut off?

i don't remember her getting her head cut off this is the way she actually died well.............her sister well step sister was getting married Mary was so jelous that she stole her wedding ring then her sister made her guards go and find her they found her and burned her to death.................. (MORE)

Who cut off blackbeard's head?

Edward "Blackbeard" Teach was a pirate who fought in Queen Anneâ??sWar as a Privateer. He was killed by a British sailor as he wasfighting with Lieutenant Robert Maynard. The sailor swipe his necktwice with his sword and severed his head.

Can you talk with your head cut off?

It has before been observed that if your head were to be cut off you would be able to blink for a split second after the decapitation. However, I do not think that you would be able to talk as you voice box and vocal chords would have been separated from your head. Also, even if you were able to the (MORE)

Why can a chicken live with its head cut off?

First of all, most chickens don't live long after their heads are cut off, which makes sense since the point of cutting off the head is to kill the chicken. If the head is cut off completely and properly, the chicken should die and stay dead. The reason some chickens survive a beheading is that s (MORE)

Why did Perseus cut off Medusa's head?

After King Acrisius sent Danae and Perseus away from Argos, they came to a land where the king collected wives and he wanted Danae as a wife, but she refused, so he sent soilders out after her(After what must seem like the millionth time of asking her to Danae) And Perseus beat them up and sent them (MORE)

Who cuts freddies head off?

In the movie Freddy vs. Jason, at the end when the fight is over, Jason Vorhees ( Friday the 13th ) slices Freddie's head clean off. But as it turns out, Freddy is not actually dead.

Can you walk if your head has been cut off?

Without the head the body cannot live. Have you ever seen when a snakes head is cut from its body and the body twitches some? That is the nerves of the snake. Same principle with humans I believe.

If you cut a chicken's head off what will happen?

It will normally die. However, it can flop around for awhile because the nerves are still triggering its muscles. Removing the head from chickens or other higher-order animals causes them to die. Insects such as cockroaches are less dependent on their brains for metabolic activities, and can live fo (MORE)

How does a chicken survive with its head cut off?

Nothing can survive (for long) without a head. Chickens can have a flurry of uncoordinated activity immediately after being beheaded because of random muscle contractions triggered by still-active nerves in the spine. However, there are recorded instances of chickens that DID live for some time aft (MORE)

How are you supposed to cut a crocodiles head off?

with an axe or sword dfksjefewnkjfiefiujnirn So what you are telling me is that you are going to get close enough to a crocodile to cut its head off with a sword or axe did you really think this through it will eat you

How did Perseus feel after cutting off Medusa's head?

Safe because Perseus killed Medusa for a good reason. 1. Medusa is evil and Perseus is a hero. 2. Medusa killed a lot of men and women just by turning them into stones. 3. Medusa will be punished for being evil and Perseus will be rewarded for being a hero. Perseus is the hero who decapita (MORE)

Who cut off Medusa's head first?

Perseus cut Medusa's head off first while he was on his way to save princess Andromeda from Cetus (cetus is also a constallation found in the night sky...he is a sea monster or a whale depending on how you look at it) the sea monster that was sent by Poseidon.....Andromeda was the sacrifice so cetus (MORE)

How does a chicken run with its head cut off?

Actually, chickens can and DO run when their heads are cut off, because their nerves are still alive for a few more seconds. An instinctive response to trauma will often take place, and they are able to run a few steps. (see related question)

Who cut off hidans head off?

It really depends. The first time his head was cut off was by Asuma and his chakra blades. The second time it was blown off my Shikamaru's paper bombs.

Can a snake with its head cut off bite?

Yes, and if venomous, it can still inject venom. There have been many instance of people being bitten by a snake head not long after they have been cut from its body. It just happened to a woman gardening. She found a snake and cut the head of a copperhead with the shovel she was using. She picked u (MORE)

Do you cut off a vampire's head to kill it?

yes, cutting off a vampire's head can kill it, though i believe it also includes setting it on fire. You can also stab a vampire through the heart with a wooden stake, drain it of blood, or leave it out in the sun to burn. Stabbing a vampire through the heart with a wooden stake does not destroy i (MORE)

What Happens If You Cut A Roach's Head Off?

A roach (like many insects) can often live without its head for days or even weeks. For people and higher animals, decapitation means nearly instantaneous death. For lower animals not as dependent on their brains, life functions other than eating may continue for some time after the removal of th (MORE)

Can you sew your head back on after its cut off?

No. As soon as the head starts to lose oxygen, the brain starts to die. Not to mention, you cannot control your body without having nerve passages, which are not wireless, so as soon as you head falls off your body will go limp.

Why do nihangs cut a goats head off?

Nihang Singhs eat jhatka meat because of their traditions. The guru allowed this tradition of jhatka to be practiced within his army and by his soldiers; it wasn't for civilians to eat. Maharaj said to them that if need be you may jhatka and eat it, not just goats and chickens ut any animal you may (MORE)

Who cut off johns head?

Herod Antipas was the ruler of the province where the baptist preached, and he preached fervently against Herod having taken his brothers wife, Herodias, for his own. Herodias became most upset in the ordeal and had St. John jailed, only later to have him beheaded by way of her daughter, whom Herod (MORE)

Can an animal live with its head cut off?

For people, this means nearly instantaneous death. Decapitation using an ax (and later the French invention, the guillotine) has been a method of execution since ancient times. The Japanese culture is unique in that it regards beheading as an honorable death, as for warriors, under the bushido cod (MORE)

When did Medusa get her head cut off?

After Perseus used the Helmet of Hades to sneak up on her while she slept. Were you looking for a date? Because this is a myth, not a history lesson, and dates need not apply.

Who cut Giovanni's head off?

The dukes best friend told the duke that giovanni painted for that giovanni had been secretly meeting the dukes wife. Therefore they beheaded giovanni which left Raphael Sanzio an orphan.

How do i cut someone's head off in skyrim?

You need the Savage Strike perk on the One-Handed skill tree, you need to be using a sword, and perform a power attack while standing. This gives a 25% damage boost, with a chance of decapitating the opponent.

How do you cut heads off on skyrim?

There is a perk in the one-handed skill tree (about leve 60 or so) that gives a chance of decapitaion when using a one-handed statding power attack. Similiarly, there is the corresponding perk in the two-handed skill tree at the same level.

What does it mean if you dream of cutting her head off?

Dreams typically exaggerate and over-dramatize the dreamer'sthoughts and emotions as a cathartic means of releasing emotionaltension and stress. This dream reflects real anger that may nothave any other outlet. You might be wise to have more honestcommunication with "her" so that you can release thi (MORE)