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Who decided to eat chicken eggs first?

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His name was Gronk and he was searching for food a few years after the ice had melted. Gronk was not a great hunter like the rest of the men in his tribe. Gronks tribe were know to be fierce and mighty hunters and could bring down the strongest and swiftest beasts that roamed the lands. Gronk was a thinker. Gronk did nothing without careful thought and consideration, this was not good when chasing down food and Gronk was very hungry and very skinny. He liked snails because they were usually easy to catch.
He was searching for some big snails one day. He looked for snails that were not too fast for him and thought he saw some near a tree. Upon further investigation (Gronk also found alot of rocks this way) he realized it was not a snail he had found and not even a rock, but a strange almost round object with no opening like a snail. He was unable to get at the meat of this strange snail. That is, until he dropped it back on the ground and the "snail" broke open. He saw it had a clear jelly like substance surrounding a bright yellow blob of goo. Gronk scooped up the strange "meat" and shoved it into his mouth, spit it right back out and said " Y'ekk".
He decided he did not like this gooey stuff but though he might take it back to camp. When he got there he showed everyone what he found and said " y'ekk " but they misheard him and they were called "Y'eggs" for many years thereafter, until eventually the Y was dropped and many eggs too, for who would dare to eat this gooey jelly.
It was not until Gronk moved to join another tribe that he remembered his discovery and investigated the Y'egg further, leading to a whole new culinary masterpiece.
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