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Who did dionysus rescue?

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iridon and his wife
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Who was Dionysus?

Dionysus is the god of wine and drunken revelry in Greek mythology. Writers often contrast Dionysus with his half-brother Apollo . Where Apollo personifies the cerebral aspec

What was Dionysus?

Dionysus was the Greek god of wine.

What is the story where dionysus rescues semele in Greek mythology?

I have never heard of one. You see, what I have read in the past is that when Semele started "seeing" Zeus. she soon fell pregnant, when Hera found out she started playing a c

What did Dionysus do?

Dionysus did many things in Greek mythology. He was the god of wine and fertility. Firstly, he invented wine, and spread the art of squashing grapes around the world. Sec

Who rescued Dionysus?

Zeus got the baby Dionysus out of Zeus' thigh, where he had matured, gave him to Hermes, who passed him on to some nymphs who brought him up.

What was Dionysus' nickname?

He didn't have one.