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Who did the Spanish call the Devil?

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King Phillip II was known as the "Devil of the South". ANSWER I dunno what your talking about, but the spanish for "the devil" is "el diablo," like in the movie Beverly Hills Chiwawa. (Sorry that I spelled it incorrectly!)
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Why is the devil called old nick?

The Devil has a number of 'nick'names, including Old Scratch and Old Nick. The name may come from the Dutch nikken, which means devil, and nikken likely comes from the old

What is the disease called that Tasmanian devils get?

From about 1996, the Tasmanian Devil has been threatened by a fatal form of cancer called "Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD)" which has killed more than 90% of adults in high

Why is a Tasmanian devil called a devil?

The Tasmanian devil was given its name primarily because of the unearthly screams and growls it emits when fighting with another Tasmanian devil over food or territory.

Why are Tasmanian devils called Tasmanian devils?

There are several suggested theories for why the Tasmanian Devil iscalled the Tasmanian Devil: . The main belief is that the Tasmanian Devil got its namebecause of the way it

Why is the devils mouth called the devils mouth?

The devil's mouth is island located off the coast of Aruba, they are called that because many sharp coral surrounds these islands and makes navigated extremely dangerous.

Why is the thorny devil called the thorny devil?

Thorny devils are unusual lizards, covered all over with sharp thorn-like protuberances. They are not the sort of lizard one is encouraged to pick up - hence the name, devil.

What is it called when you believe in the devil?

The "Devil" is a creature defined in a lot of cultures, religions & beliefs. Christians & Jews believe the devils is a fallen angel who was thrown out of heaven when he didn