Who dis George Washington marry?

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George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis on 6th of January 1759. George and Martha met when George is with Martha's friends during his vacation from the French and Indian war.
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How old was George Washington when he died?

George Washington died at the age of 67 at his home in MountVernon, on December 14, 1799. He died of yellow throat (throatinfection and pneumonia). He died at 10:00 AM. George

What Did George Washington Died From?

Washington died of a cold or sore throat after making the morning rounds of his plantation. This was part of his routine and even though it was cold and raining he refused to

Where George Washington was when he died?

George Washington was at a parlor having his blood let, for at the time it was thought that blood letting cured disease. The exact location i am unsure of.
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What happened when George Washington died?

I am not sure what you want to know. After Washinton died, they hada funeral and he was buried at MT. Vernon. There were memorialservices held all over the country. He left in
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When was George Washington buried when he died?

He was buried at his home of Mount Vernon, Virginia. After grave robbers assaulted his first tomb near the Potomac River, his body was moved to the present more secure locatio