Who discovered Iceland and when was Iceland discovered?

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Leif Eriksson's great great great uncle Noddodd is credited with the discovery of Iceland, and Erik The Red is Leif's father, not his son.
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Who discovered Iceland?

iceland was inhabited by Irish monks and hermits around the 8th century, the first man who permanently settled a tribe in iceland was named Ingólfr Arnarson

When was Iceland discovered?

Officially, Iceland was discovered by the Vikings in c. 860-874 AD. But it is likely that Irish monks had been coming to the island for some time to seek isolation..

How was Iceland discovered?

Iceland's first known settler, Ingólfur Arnarson, sailed from his native Norway to Iceland and settled at what is now Reykjavík in 874. During the late 9th and early 10t

What do they have in Iceland?

everything you would have in most countries, cars, tv, music awards, schools.it has cool springs and summers, and cold winters. it has some of the best quality of life in the

Who were the first Europeans to discover Iceland?

Well This isn't my favourite subject but I'll answer anyway, I am pretty sure it was the Norwegian Vikings who found Iceland, although originally they called it Greenland, but

When and who discovered Iceland?

(Years 874-930)According to Landnámabók, Iceland was discovered by Naddoddr, one of the first settlers on the Faroe Islands, who was sailing from Norway to the Faroe Isl
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What can you do at iceland?

Eat lamb dogs! Iceland's version of the "Hot Dog" -Yum! Iceland is an adventurer traveler's dream. I highly recommendhooking up with a local tour guide company in ReykjavÃ
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What can you do in iceland?

Most things you can do elsewhere in the world, go to the cinema,the theatre, go skiing, skating, river rafting and more..
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Who discoved Iceland?

Ingolfur Arnason the viking discovered Iceland in the year 874 but there is a myth that people have been there before him but that has never been proven.
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When were Icelandic horses discovered?

The Icelandic horse wasn't discovered it was created. When vikings settled in Iceland they brought horses with them and began breeding for smooth gaits and sturdy horses that