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Who discovered Little Jack gold nugget?

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Jackson and Hughes 1907.
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Is there gold nugget in turkey?

Gold nuggets have been found in turkeys, but it is a very rare occurrence. The theory behind their presence is that turkeys are attracted to shiny objects and they swallow the

Where do you get the gold nugget on nabooti island?

It is above the second hut in the Kaya Forest, in a palm tree. When you return to Nabooti, you can trade it for a camera.

Who found the gold Holtermann nugget?

The Beyers and Holtermann nugget, the largest single piece of reef gold ever discovered in the world, was found by workers at the Star of Hope Gold Mining Co on Hawkins Hill,

How can you test the percentage of gold in a nugget?

  Nitric acid testing kits are available to determine the purity of gold.   The Specific Gravity Test (used to calculate the gold content of gold nuggets that contain a

What are largest gold nuggets found in Victoria?

The world's largest gold nugget was found in Victoria on 5 February 1869. This was the "Welcome Stranger", and it measured 61cm by 31cm. It was discovered by prospectors John

How can i find gold nuggets?

In the Kaya forest there is a gold nugget in one of the trees. Just hop around to find it. The other people who trade don't take gold, so don't bother looking for anymore.

Who discovered the first gold nugget?

If you are asking the first gold nugget ever found, then there is no way to know. In the California Gold rush, however, the first nugget was found on January 24, 1848, by Jame

What is a gold nugget?

It is a gold nugget that was found on the bedrock. It is a chunk of gold, maybe bb sized or larger. Larger than dust or sand. More like a pebble or rock sized. A gold nugget
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How do you get gold nugget in PokePark Wii?

Well, go in the Lava Zone. you should see Hipnotop, the guy who spins on his top-like head every few moments. there is a machine behind him. if you hit the machine with your h

How much is a gold nugget worth?

The value of a gold nugget varies. Weight is most important, as you can imagine. But remember that a nugget isn't pure gold. It almost always has a bit of silver and/or copper

Who found the largest gold nugget?

The world's largest gold nugget was found in Australia on 5 February 1869. This was the " Welcome Stranger ", and it measured 61cm by 31cm. It was discovered by prospectors Jo

Where can you find gold nuggets?

Since the Gold Rush was in California, you may be able to find gold  nuggets there. With all the hidden treasures on the ocean's floor,  there has to be gold nuggets there.