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The famous Amityville house was built in 1924 it was sold in 1960 to the Riley family and they sold it to the Defeos in 1965. There was no mention of any supernatural goings on with the house until the tragic murders by the Defeo's son in 1975. Media and movies made the house out to be haunted by demons, and some other aspects was the fact the house was built on an Indian burial ground with a curse attached to anyone that disturbed the graves. It is true there is an Indian burial ground on the property, but no proof the curse caused the death's of the Defeo family by their son. The son was into drugs and had a bad reputation for getting into trouble. Some say he did it while others still feel he is innocent, but he is still serving time in prison for the murders of his family. The house sat for a year because of the terrible myths surrounding it, but in 1975 it was sold to the Lutz family. A month later the Lutz's fled the house never to go back, but there was heresay that their lawyer had them lie about evil things going on in the house to get out of their mortgage. Once again the house stood empty for over a year until the Cromarty family bought it in 1977 and they lived there quite peacefully for 10 years. In 1987 they sold the house to the O'Neill family and they lived there for over 10 years and sold it to their present owner who are all doing well and no signs of demons, voices, pigs eyes, flies or ghosts.  
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What happened at the house of amityville of horror?

Ronnie deFeo got really high and heard voices telling him to kill his family. im from amityville -------- To expand on that, a troubled 22-year old (Ronnie DeFeo) killed

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What was the address of the Amityville horror house?

112 Ocean Avenue was the original address. Due to a barrage oftourists and onlookers, the owners in recent years actually had theaddressed changed to 108 Ocean Avenue.

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The infamous 112 Ocean Avenue address has been changed to 108 Ocean Avenue amityville, long Island.