Who first called 'cinema' the Seventh Art?

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The term was coined by the Italian intellectual Ricciotto Canudo in 1912, after the 1911 publication of his book 'La naissance du sixième art' (Birth of the Sixth Art,) in which he argued that Cinema was synthesis of the spatial arts and temporal arts. The term references the 6 arts (architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance, poetry,) proposed in lectures on aesthetics by philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Canudo wrote 'Le Manifeste des Sept Arts' the following year (1912), but the article was not published until 1923. The article was published in his publication 'la Gazette des sept arts', founded in 1922, which happens to be one of the first film review publications. Jean Cocteau called cinema 'The Tenth Muse' to much less success.
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