Who has greater bite force tiger or lion?

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Well, you have to look at the shape of the cat's skull. The skulls of lions and tigers have been compared, and they are very much alike, the difference is sometimes only noticeable to experts. Lions have slightly longer skulls, and tigers have wider, broader skulls. The wider the skull is, the more force will be applied to a bite. This is because the area of force is concentrated more, and not spread over a long length. This would give the tiger a stronger bite.

Lion and tiger jaw force comparison from National Geographic:

Lion average: 945 pounds per square inch (425 kg of force).

Tiger average: 1000 pounds per square inch (450 kg of force).

If i was to judge about the bite force, both cats have it of 1200 pounds. There is no such thing as wider= stronger. The bite force is spread over the lenght (lion) and width (tiger) so the theory that wider= stronger is just like a myth. Just like I said earlier on, their bite force is about 1000-1200Ibs

Some animals with long skulls, such as crocodiles, have extremely strong jaws. Some would say that animals with longer skulls would have a stronger bite, because crocs have a stronger bite force than animals such as cats. This is a ridiculous theory. Crocodiles and cats are completely different animals. You cannot compare mammals with reptiles.

Or sharks.


The answer = neither
No-one never tried to test adult male tiger's bite force and no-one never tested adult male lion's bite force. They are just estimates. Scientific estimates are 1100Ibs (half a tonne) for each of them
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How are lions and tigers different?

Answer . tigers are the ones with stripes and lions are the big furry ones like on lion king. Tiger are the biggest cats and the lion is the second biggest.. Answer . They are kinda the same because they are big cats. Hope I helped!

How hard can mountain lions bite?

I'm sure you cant test that, in order to test that you'd have to be within 10 feet of the animal, them being predators i could imagine that it would be hard to keep them from attacking you an also getting them to bite the tester as well seeing that they use there claws alot

Lion or tiger stronger?

If we consider Siberian (Amur) or Bengal tigers, they are stronger than lions. Pound-for-pound, tigers are generally stronger than lions.. Extracts from http://indrajit.wordpress.com/bigcats/:. "The development of muscles around the neck and shoulder of a lion is very obvious. Lions have massively (MORE)

Do tigers eat lions?

The habitat ranges of these two creatures do not overlap, but if they do predation of Lions by Tigers is likely since Tigers are known to stalk and prey on mega fauna like bears,crocodiles, elephants and rhinos. The closest their habitats come is in India, and recently when Indian govt. wanted to re (MORE)

How fast can a lion and tiger run?

All members of the cat family are generally sprinters rather thanlong-distance runners. A lion can reach 40 mph while a tiger'smaximum speed is around 35 mph.

Is a tiger stronger than a lion?

Both of these animals are powerful and fierce carnivores. But scientists say that in a fight between a Bengal tiger and an African lion, there is a 90% chance that the tiger will win. It is a well-known fact that tigers are the biggest cats in the world. Not only this, but tigers are noticeably mor (MORE)

Are tigers larger than lions?

The largest lions are Barbary Lions. Tiger is physically larger and heavier than a lion, they reach upto 11 ft (3.3 meter) and weight up 660 pounds (300 kg). They arelargest cat on earth. A lion can only weight up to 550 pounds

Do tigers bite hard?

Yes, tigers bite very hard. A tiger can kill its prey with just onebite to the neck or head.

What is the bite force of a tiger?

According to the "animal face-off" series, a male tiger has an impressive bite force of 1000 pounds. This is equal to 453 kg, and it means that it can cut through bone. There are indeed cases of male tigers that pierced through the skulls of other male tigers with their canines, during territorial f (MORE)

Who has the hardest bite tiger or lion?

By Tigress4324: . Well, you have to look at the shape of the cat's skull. The truth is, lion's and tiger's skulls have been compared, and they are very much alike, the difference is somtimes only noticable to experts. Lions have slightly longer skulls, and tiger's are wider. The wider the skull is, (MORE)

What has the more bite force tiger or jaguar?

Well lot's of people knows that tiger(they have a bite force thatis over 1,000 psi Of force and 2nd strongest in the feliade whichmeans the cats) as the largest and Most powerful of all the cats inthe world. The bite force is linked to the size of an animal. In this case the jaguar(they bite force i (MORE)

Which has a greater bite force tiger or Sabre tooth tiger?

my answer will surprise you. well the name is saber tooth cat(smilodon) and they had a very long canines(7 inches) and they had weight consider to be (they were so robust that scientists calls thema lion on steroids) as much as today's largest cat in the world the Siberian tiger. consider th (MORE)

Do lions bite people?

Of course any of the big cats bite. Leopards, Serviles, Black Panthers, Tigers and especially Lions, all bite to kill their prey.

Who has harder bite tiger or lion?

Tigers and lions have about the same bite force. They both would have a bite force of 1000 lbs per square inch, but the lion would have a slightly stronger bite force than a tiger because it tends to hunt larger prey. A tiger would usually bite the back of the neck of the prey, while a lion would bi (MORE)

Lion versus tiger an animal with brutal force?

A tiger might win, but a lion will win most of the time because: An African lion is larger cat than a Bengal tiger,with average lenght of 3.5m with the tail and 227-270kg (500-600Ib) while tigers 3.1m, and 227-300kg(500-660Ib) Finally a lion is a better fighter. The world isn't all perfect. A mal (MORE)

Does a tiger have a stronger bite force than an lion?

Yes it does because a tigers head is like a jaguars head. and a Jaguar has a kind of round head which holds more muscle in it. A tigers head is like the same, so a tiger has a stronger bite force than a lion. Even tho a tiger has 30 teeth that's all it needs to kill almost any prey it attacks.

Is a tigers bite force stronger than a lion?

yes a tigersbite-force is stronger than an lions because scientist have recorded a tigers bite force, lions bite force and also a hyena's bite force the tiger an the hyena's are actually better than an lions bite force it's actually interesting if u study bite forces of animals if u have trouble abo (MORE)

Why do lions bite when mating?

Male cats have spines on their penis that point backwards. The purpose of these spines is to cause slight trauma to the female's vagina upon withdrawal of the penis. The resulting pain triggers ovulation. It may also help explain why the female turns and bares her teeth at the male at the end of mat (MORE)

What the similarities between lion and tiger?

they have similar almost equal skulls,they have 3 inch claws, a bite force of 1000+ pounds, 3 to 4 inch canines, similar average weight lion(420lbs to 550lbs) tiger(450lbs to 600lbs) although tigers are heavier they average almost the same. Siberian tiger and African lion can reach top speeds (MORE)

What do you get when you mix a tiger and a lion?

If a male tiger is crossed with a female lion, it is called a Tigon. If a male lion is crossed with a female tiger, it is called a Liger. The hybrids are as follows: A male lion mated with a tigress can produce what is known as a liger. While a male tiger, mated with a lioness can produce what is ca (MORE)

Is a lion heavier or tiger?

A tiger is. The biggest lion on record was 868 pounds and twelve feet long, but the largest tiger was 13 feet long and 900 pounds. On average the largest tiger is 660 pounds and the largest lion 500 pounds.

What lives longer a lion or a tiger?

In the wild, Lions can live 10 - 14 years, and Tigers live 10 - 15 yrs; in captivity both species can live longer than 20 years. So, they live about the same length of time.

Do tiger sharks bite?

Yes! The tiger shark is considered to be one of the most dangerous and aggressive shark species, becoming very active when stimulated by food.

Can a lion kill a Siberian tiger?

Absolutely, yes. Everyone thinks a siberian tiger would win. A lion is a better fighter and a has thicker paws and stronger canines than a siberian tiger has. It really does not matter if the siberian tiger is longer than the lion.

Is panther a lion a tiger or a leopard?

None, it is it's own species. RUBBISH Panthera is the name of the genus that includes lion leopard jaguar and tiger. Panther is often used to refer to one or more of these species. Black panther is the name given to black leopards or jaguars

Do tigers and lions mate?

Yes, and the are called ligers. They are much bigger than their parents because of hybrid vigor. Usually only the females are fertile so it's not possible to mate them together, only back to a lion or tiger

Is a lion or a tiger the king?

It is a lion that is why it is called lion king. You should watch it is my favorite movie. it is great but do not watch 2 and a half.

Is a tiger and a lion the same thing?

Of COURSE NOT! A tiger is usually orange with black stripes and a lion is tan with a great mane (if he is male) but in size and in being carnivores, yes, they are the same.

Are tigers like lions?

In some ways they are and in some ways they aren't. Lion males have mains and tiger males don't . another reason they aren't alike is they live in different habitats. But there alike because they both are cats ,carnovores ,and mammles

Do snakes bite lions?

Yes, of course they do. they bite anything......... 1. if they are hungry 2. if they are annoyed 3. if they are very confused

Can lions and tigers purr?

No, both the tiger and lion cannot purr, but they are two of the only four cats that can roar. The biggest cats that can purr are cougars. Felines (cats) bigger than a cougar cannot purr.

Can lions get along with tigers?

Lions and tigers come from different continents, so they never meet in the wild. In zoos they do get along, so well, in fact that they sometimes produce cubs, known as ligers (if the father is a lion) and tigons, also called tiglons or tions (if the father is a tiger).

Are a lion and tiger relate or lion and a cougar?

Lions, tiger, and cougars are all related. There all part of the cat family. A cougar is the same as a Mountain Lion. Tigers are Stronger, Heavier, and taller than a Lion. Lions are Faster. Tiger have 4 inch canines and 3 in claws. A lion have 3 inch canines and 3 inch claws.

Who is the King of the Jungle - a lion or a tiger?

I'm sure it's the lion Cause lions and tigers once fought and the lion ALWAYS won....YEA..... But the white tigers are stronger than the lions The average Bengal, Indo Chinese, and Siberian tigers are more powerful than lions.

Who has a greater bite force pit bull or shark?

The shark has a bite force about twice as big as the pit bull's bite. The shark has a bite force of 669 lbs per square inch, while the pit bull has a bite force of 325 lbs per square inch.