Who has had the most caps for England?

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Peter Shilton (goalkeeper) with 125.
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Most capped Irish rugby player?

Ronan O'Gara - 123 Brian Driscoll - 123 Now if the question was the most capped player for the Irish Rugby Union Team, then Ronan is the man. However, The most capped Irish Player as the question demands is shared by both men as Brian O'Driscoll has won some caps with the British Lions. Pedantic (MORE)

Who has the most ever caps in international football?

American, Kristine Lilly has the most international caps for football/soccer - see Wikipedia. "340 - Kristine Lilly, United States world record holder (300th set on 18 January 2006; current to October 21, 2007) "

How many England caps does Wayne Rooney have?

it is 47 caps when Rooney played against Kazakhstan on 11th Oct 2008, and obviously will be 48 if he plays against Belarus. it is 47 caps when Rooney played against Kazakhstan on 11th Oct 2008, and obviously will be 48 if he plays against Belarus.

Most capped rugby player?

At this moment in time, Brian O'Driscoll and George Gregan are tied. But Biran O'Driscoll is set to overtake him as he is due to play this weekend

Who is the most capped England goalkeeper?

David Seaman. This is not correct... David Seaman received 75 caps for England but Peter Shilton received 125 and is in fact the highest capped player for England overall, not just as a goalkeeper.

Who is Rangers most capped players?

Ally McCoist won 59 caps while playing for Rangers.Frank de Boer is the most capped internationalist who played for Rangers with 112 caps. Christian Dailly is the most capped Scottish internationalist who played for Rangers with 67 caps.

Most capped player for leeds united?

The most capped player for Leeds in the league was Jack Charlton who made 629 appearances between 1952 - 1973 and the record for most capped in all competitions is shared between Jack Charlton and Billy Bremner.

Who is the most capped all black?

Sean Fitzpatrick, 92 caps This record was broken in 2010 by Mils Muliaina and Richie McCaw, both of whom sit on 94 test caps each.

Who has the most rugby caps?

George Gregan who used to play Scrum Half for Australia and has 131 I believe. Another notable player to achieve over 100 caps was Jason Leonard who achieved over 100 caps playing prop, an incredible feat when you consider the stresses and strains this position puts on your body.

Most caps for England football team?

Peter Shilton has 125 caps as goalkeeper. The most capped outfield players are Sir Bobby Moore and David Beckham both with 108, then followed by Bobby Charlton with 106. As David Beckham is still playing (currently on loan to AC Milan) it is likely he will overtake Booby Moore to become the most (MORE)

Who is Australia's most capped cricketer?

" Super Steve " Waugh is the most capped Australian cricketer in One Day Internationals, playing 325 matches at an average of 32.91.. Called Tugga by his mates, and known as "Iceman" by the enemy.. Steve is also the most capped Australian Test player too, playing 168 matches at an average of 51.0 (MORE)

Who is Most capped England international?

It's still the goal-keeper Peter Shilton, although, as an outfield player, David Beckham has recently gone past 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore. I think Beckham is now on about 110 caps.

How many England caps does Dean Ashton have?

The following is a list of appearances and goals for West Ham's Dean Ashton ; . England U17 (1 Cap, 1 Goal) . England U19 (6 Caps, 5 Goals) . England U20 (2 Caps, 0 Goals) . England U21 (9 Caps, 4 Goals) . England Senior First Team (1 Cap, 0 Goals)

Who is the most capped fulham fc player?

Johnny Haynes, 56 England caps including 22 as captain. He also hold the record for Fulham appearances, with 594. He has a statue outside Craven Cottage and one of the stands is named after him.

Spl player England caps?

There is 11 player Michael Ball James Beattie Dion Dublin Ugo Ehiogu Michael Gray Steve Guppy Francis Jeffers John Ruddy Chris Sutton Alan Thompson Ian Wright

What is the most famous beach in England?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is visited by 5.5 million people a year and is the 14th most visited attraction IN THE WORLD. Chesil Beach, part of the Jurassic coast in Dorset, is famous not only because of it's geography, but because it is the title of a successful, Booker short-listed book by the acc (MORE)

What is the most popular color in England?

Just as in the US and other countries there is no 'most popular color' in England. Some colors may be more popular than others, but there is no 'most popular color'.

What are the most famous cheeses in England?

English Cheddar Cheese is probablt the most famous and certainly the most copied . England is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK). The British Cheese Board list over 700 United Kingdom Cheeses. Some of the most famous are: . Caerphilly . Cheddar . Cheshire . (MORE)

Who has been capped for England in more than one sport?

Reginald Erskine Foster (Tip foster) is the only player who had captained England in both test cricket and international football. He captained England in test cricket in 3 matches, all against South Africa in the 1907 test series, winning one and drawing the other two. he captained England in foot (MORE)

What pet is the most popular in England?

The most popular domestic (household) pet in England, according to the Pet Foods Manufacturers Association of the UK, 2008 figures, is the dog, followed by the cat. Next are rabbits, followed by caged birds, then hamsters. Down the list after hamsters are horses, snakes, gerbils, tortoises and rat (MORE)

Who is the most skillful player for England?

This matters on opinion. However, Adam Johnson is considered to have skill when it comes to dribbling. He can easily skip past a player in seconds. When Joe Cole was at his peak, he had immense skills on the flanks. He had on ball skill and defenders worldwide were scared of him. Wayne Roon (MORE)

Who had 100 caps for England in soccer?

Currently only seven people have 100 caps for England. These people are:. Peter Shilton - 125 . David Beckham - 115 . Bobby Moore - 108 . Bobby Charlton - 106 . Billy Wright - 105 . Steven Gerrard - 101 . Ashley Cole - 100 .