Who has parts for gas logs previously made by martin industries?

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Martin Industries, Inc. manufactures home heating products. Its products include a line of vented and vent-free gas heaters and furnaces that are offered under the Martin Gas Products and Atlanta Stove brand names and a variety of models of gas logs, gas stoves, pre-engineered wood, and gas fireplaces and gas inserts under the Martin Gas Products, Martin Fireplaces, and Atlanta Stove brand names. The company manufactures its products at its facility located in Athens, Alabama and markets its products throughout the United States.
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What is the logging industry?

It is the industry that cuts the trees that we need for paper production, home building, furniture making, and all the thousands of things that need wood for our lives.

How do you contact martin industries for parts to gas logs and fireplaces?

Martin industries was bought out by monneson hearth systems . When they acquired the the company they didn't buy any of the liability . Which means parts for the Martin Indust

Where can parts be obtained for heaters made by Martin Industries?

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Who is the company in Birmingham who has parts for martin gas logs?

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Do gas logs have gas in log?

Not in that sense of the word. They are typically fireproof structures that look like logs, and are placed above a natural gas or propane gas flame. They appear to be burning,
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Where can one find parts for a gas log burner?

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