Who has parts for gas logs previously made by martin industries?

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Martin Industries, Inc. manufactures home heating products. Its products include a line of vented and vent-free gas heaters and furnaces that are offered under the Martin Gas Products and Atlanta Stove brand names and a variety of models of gas logs, gas stoves, pre-engineered wood, and gas fireplaces and gas inserts under the Martin Gas Products, Martin Fireplaces, and Atlanta Stove brand names. The company manufactures its products at its facility located in Athens, Alabama and markets its products throughout the United States.
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How do you install a gas log fireplace?

Use fire proof frame and sheathing material, or use old fireplace. Hook up flue, if one is directed to on the installation instructions, some units require no flue. Hook up gas from 1/2 inch gas supply pipe, a gas shut off is usually already on the new unit. Hook up power if required. Any gas log th (MORE)

What is the logging industry?

It is the industry that cuts the trees that we need for paper production, home building, furniture making, and all the thousands of things that need wood for our lives.

How do you install ane electric dryer when you previously had gas?

You will need to safely cap-off the gas supply. If you needed to ask this question here the best advice anyone can give you is to call a licensed gas fitter to do this job for you.. Only licensed gas fitters are allowed to do this kind of work because, if it is not done right, there could be a real (MORE)

What is Industrial Gas?

Insustrial gas or gasses are any of numerous gasses that are used regularly in industrial operations. These gasses include, but are not limited to, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide.

When did the Maine logging industry start?

Probably the first time a mariner saw a mature old growth Eastern White Pine. Here was a 150 foot mast preshaped and tapered that nature provided which only needed a little finish work to go to sea.

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Who made the First log cabins?

Log cabins were introduced in America in Delaware in the 1770s by Swedish and Finnish immigrants. Since then, these buildings spread throughout America. Such was its popularity not only homes, but schools, churches, barns and commercial buildings came to be constructed from the records. Many America (MORE)

How do you contact martin industries for parts to gas logs and fireplaces?

Martin industries was bought out by monneson hearth systems . When they acquired the the company they didn't buy any of the liability . Which means parts for the Martin Industries fireplaces are gone. It will be time to replace your fireplace. Monneson did make fireplaces under the Martin name which (MORE)

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Where can parts be obtained for heaters made by Martin Industries?

I have checked all the suppliers that I deal with and can't find any that carry parts for them. I also checked online and can't find anything on the company. I do see some new one's being sold. I checked E-Bay and see some parts, But you did not give any information on what kind of heater, or a (MORE)

Who is the company in Birmingham who has parts for martin gas logs?

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What are log flume boats made from?

They are a combination of fiberglass and metal and/or wood. Thefiberglass is used to make the outer shell, and the wood is usedfor making the internal framework and seating section. The onlyexception is the double seated log flume cars. they are mostlyfiberglass with a metal frame.

What is the difference between Martins industries and Martin industries?

There is actually a couple combination of Martin(s) Industry(ies) out there, but regarding this particular question. Martins Industries is a tire racking and handling equipment manufacturer, along with displays and other industrial workstation or storage equipment They distribute their produc (MORE)

How do you install gas logs?

Not a process I would suggest to a homeowner not familiar with building codes for installing gas appliances. Potential danger of fire, explosion, and suffocation. This is REALLY worth paying an installer to do. Seriously. An "out-of-code" installation that violates building codes may also make it im (MORE)

What is a thermogenerator on gas logs?

Also known as a thermocouple- device generates very small eletrical current from heat of the pilot light, which permits gas valve to open only when pilot light is lit.

Why does the gas log fireplace not heat a room?

It's most likely a woodburning/vented fireplace, by design the combustion air used to burn gas logs comes directly from the room, and all the fumes/hot air go up the chimney. The fireplace actually pulls outside air into the home to replace the air lost up the chimney. All the heat is radient, so if (MORE)

Gas logs wont stay lit what to do?

Your problem is likely due to something with the thermocouple. That is the device that senses heat fom the pilot light- no heat, it turns off gas as a safety measure. Get a gas appliance repairman to check- they do go bad, get bent, etc. Not incredibly expensive to replace.

How is the logging industry defined?

This category covers establishments primarily engaged in cutting timber and in producing rough, round, hewn, or riven primary forest or wood raw materials, or in producing wood chips in the field.

How long do propane gas logs last?

The lifespan of propane gas logs depend on many different things. If the logs are 'vented gas logs' and made from heavy ceramic that take the flame directly will only last a given amount of hours until the heat of the LP breaks them apart, something like 2-3 years with normal use. A vented set using (MORE)

What is made from logs?

Logs are used to make lumber, paper, and related products such as toothpicks, chopsticks, facial tissues, etc.

Do gas logs have gas in log?

Not in that sense of the word. They are typically fireproof structures that look like logs, and are placed above a natural gas or propane gas flame. They appear to be burning, but are simply surrounded by a fire.

Where can gas fireplace logs be found?

There are two types of gas fireplace logs: vented and unvented. Both types can be found at fireplace and chimney stores, and at some hardware stores. Many gas log manufacturers offer gas fireplace logs for sale online.

What is the thermo couling on a gas log insert?

A thermocouple is a device used to sense the flame of a pilot light. IF the pilot light is not burning, the thermocouple does not permit the main flow of gas to the gas logs. Thermocouples DO wear out, are relatively cheap, and are made to be replaced.

Can you use real logs in a gas fireplace?

Simple answer: No. Complex version: No freakin' way. That's a great way to burn your house down, give yourself carbon monoxide poisoning, or at least ruin the fireplace. It's not designed to burn any fuel but gas. Any number of things could go wrong if you put wood in there.

Does Log Splitter Direct sell gas log splitters?

Log Splitter Direct sells a variety of different log splitters to meet many needs. Gas log splitters are provided along with electric log splitters. These tools should only be used by individuals who know what they are doing.

What is a manufactured fireplace log made of?

The materials used for manufactured fireplace logs are usually either: Compressed sawdust only or compressed sawdust and paraffin. Firelogs are designed to be inexpensive and also burn more efficiently than firewood.

What are log tongs usually made from?

Log tongs are usually made from steal and have thermoplastic rubber handles. They are used to lift and move logs and timber, especially when working in the forest.

What is a Lincoln Logs toy made of?

Lincoln Logs are made of 100% wood.Made by John Lloyd Wright.The logs are about 2 centimeters in diameter.They have notches in the ends so small wooden buildings can be made.Additional parts include doors and windows.

Where can one find parts for a gas log burner?

There are a lot of companies that sell parts for a gas log burner. If one wants to buy parts for a gas log burner one can go to the store where one originally bought the gas log burner. They usually sell separate parts too, and one will certainly get the right parts.

What are log homes made out of?

A home or cabin that has walls made from solid, round logs (trees with the bark removed). The logs are notched on each end so-as to cross-fit together, which creates a locking feature between them.

What can Peterson gas logs be used for?

Peterson gas logs are decorative logs that are not made of actual wood. Therefore, the logs themselves don't burn. They can be used to spice up a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit.

Where can beds made of logs be bought?

Shop at Woodland Creek Furniture, they offer hundreds of unique barnwood furniture designs. They have reclaimed old barnwood from 100 to 150 years old. It can be crafted and customized to fit your needs. Their wood has a eco-friendly line of rustic furniture.

Where can one purchase vented gas logs?

EFireplaceStore and SpecialtyFireplaces are two online locations where one can purchase vented gas logs. They are also available from local hardware stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot.