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Who has the lowest IQ an idiot or imbecile?

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IQ Range Classification
70-80 Borderline deficiency
50-69 Moron
20-49 Imbecile
below 20 Idiot
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What is the lowest IQ a person can have?

An IQ below 20 is the lowest IQ that a person can have. Having an IQ below this is all pretty much the same in terms of brain intelligence, cognitive reasoning ability, interp

Do you have a high IQ if your IQ is 134?

If this a a proper iq test, from an actual iq specialist then you  are considered the best thing before a genius. Genius is 140.

Do you have a high IQ if your IQ is 222?

hell yeah. did you get this from a programme called m.i.high?? because someone on there has 222 and the highest in the world is 228 so i doubt you have that no offence

The imbecile test question for continue?

When you get to the continue question click on continue and then when it says you fail loser, in the top left corner it will say continue. click on that and congatulations you

What animal has the lowest IQ?

the Mole & the Hummingbird do

How do you get your IQ?

By taking an IQ test. You can take one online but they put the answers slightly above what you really have. I'm also pretty sure that you can take one in schools.

What is an IQ?

An Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a measure of an individual's intelligence, derived from a test that relies heavily on logical thinking, which may also include other elements

What was your iQ?

my IQ is 169

How do you get the IQ?

IQ tests are standardized for age ranges. You divide the age of the test subject into the 'age' he tested as normal for and multiply by 100 to get IQ. For instance if you are

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What is the lowest human IQ recorded?

It would be extremely unethical for a person's IQ score to be revealed in a public forum like this. IQ scores are considered to be confidential. I can say the bottom or 'floor

What is the lowest possible IQ to get into MENSA?

I the realed links box below, I posted the Mensa website which has all the information you need. The website has the test to get you in.