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In Africa
The armed forces of Egypt are the largest on the African continent and one of the biggest in the world (ranked 11th), consisting of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Navy, Egyptian Air Force and Egyptian Air Defense Command.Egypt maintains a large paramilitary force under the control of the Ministry of Interior. They number around 250,000 strong and are known as the Central Security Forces. The government also has a relatively strong National Guard and Border Security Forces however they, unlike the Central Security Forces, come under the control of the Ministry of Defence and are reported to number 60,000 and 20,000 respectively.The Commander-in-Chief is Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. The Chief of Staff is Lt. Gen. Sami Hafez Enan.The armed forces inventory includes equipment from the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the former Soviet Union, and the People's Republic of China. Equipment from the former Soviet Union is being progressively replaced by more modern American, French, and British equipment, a significant portion of which is built under license in Egypt, such as the M1 Abrams tank. To bolster stability and moderation in the region, Egypt has provided military assistance and training to a number of African and Arab states. Although not a NATO member, Egypt remains a strong military and strategic partner and is a participant in NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue forum. The Egyptian Armed Forces is considered to be the strongest military power in Africa and the Middle East. Egypt is the only Arab country with a spy satellite and will launch another one by the end of 2007.

Army The armed forces inventory includes equipment from the United States, France, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the former Soviet Union, and the People's Republic of China. Equipment from the former Soviet Union is being progressively replaced by more modern American, French, and British equipment, a significant portion of which is built under license in Egypt, such as the M1 Abrams tank which makes Egypt the owner of the biggest number of latest generation MBTs, and the second after Syria in case of the older generations.The Egyptian Army having the largest number of equipment, and personnel, beside having many co-training operations with other countries like the United States, and a leading modern technology warfare, is thought to be the strongest in both Africa and the Middle East. Air Force The Egyptian Air Force or EAF is the aviation branch of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Currently, the backbone of the EAF is the F-16. The Mirage 2000 is the other modern interceptor used by the EAF. It has over 579 combat aircraft and 149 armed helicopters as it continues to fly extensively upgraded MiG-21s, F-7 Skybolts, F-4 Phantom, Dassault Mirage Vs, and C-130 Hercules among other planes. The Air Force is undergoing massive modernization. Mikoyan confirmed that talks with Egypt are underway for the possible sale of Mig-29SMT jet-fighters. Navy Although the Egyptian Navy is the smallest branch of the military, it is large by Middle Eastern standards. It has a total of 20,000 personnel.The Egyptian Navy is known to be the strongest in Africa and the Middle East in spite of the rapid growing of other countries navies within the region.Some fleet units are stationed in the Red Sea, but the bulk of the force remains in the Mediterranean. Navy headquarters and the main operational and training base are located at Ras at Tin near Alexandria. Paramilitary Forces Paramilitary Forces number around 330,000 and consist of the Central Security Forces, the National Guard, the Border Guard Forces and the Coast Guard.
  • Central Security Forces: under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. It is the law enforcement authority in the country. The Central Security Forces, number around 250,000 personnel.
  • National Guard: under the control of the Ministry of Defense and numbers about 60,000.
  • Border Guard Forces: under the control of the Ministry of Defense and numbers about 20,000.
  • Coast Guard: is responsible for the onshore protection of public installations near the coast and the patrol of coastal waters to prevent smuggling. With a force of 2,000 personnel, it has an inventory consisting of about thirty large patrol craft (each between twenty and thirty meters in length) and twenty smaller Bertram-class coastal patrol craft built in the United States.
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Which nation has the strongest military?

ANSWER: . The United States Military is regarded as the most "Capable" military by many leaders and people around the world. The USM came to be known as the most "Capable" military in the world when it won its first victory against England during the American Revolutionary War of 1775. England (MORE)

Which country has the strongest military in Europe?

If you count Russia as European, then it's Russia. If you don't count Russia as European, then it's Turkey, followed by France, Germany, Italy then the UK. Probably Russia, then the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, and then Italy.

Who has the strongest military in the Middle East?

The strongest army in the Middle East is TAF Turkish armed forces. TAF consist of the Army, the Navy (including naval aviation and naval infantry), and the Air Force. The TAF, with a combined troop strength of around 1,041,900 soldiers is the second largest standing force in NATO (after the United (MORE)

What branch of the US Military is the strongest?

Facts: The Army is the largest and the strongest. The US Army trains many branches of the Military. Army trains the Marines in Artillery, HALO school, Ranger school (which is required to be a Recon Ranger in the Marines), etc.. Opinion: "The Marine Corps is the most powerful and the strongest (MORE)

What Country Has The Strongest Military In The World?

The United States has the strongest military. The U.S military has reliable weapons and resources. Behind us is the Chinese military. They may have a large population but they do not have reliable recourses.Russia does second America and then England 1.Russia2.America3.England4.Ukraine5.China you gu (MORE)

World's strongest military?

1."Usa" Military superiority since 1991 2."China" Pretty strong military while having the Worlds most populous military 3. "Russia" Lost almost everything in 1991 but is gaining and has mor power than #4 4."Britain" Lost a ton of power since 1800 but still is a military superiority 5. " (MORE)

Which country has the strongest military in the world?

It depends how you define "strongest". The US, UK, France, Russia and China share the title of thestrongest military. The US has a formidable air force and navy. It also has decentarmoured divisions (tanks, etc). The US has decent special forceswhich operate almost globally. They have a good missi (MORE)

Which nations nations are the strongest by military strength?

1. U.S.A 2.U.K 3.China 4.Israel 5.Russia 6.Canada 1. U.S.A 2.U.K 3.China 4.Israel 5.Russia 6.Canada 1.Germany-which started the war and the strongest one because it ended for 6 years that's what i think and Germany is the only 1 country and was attacked by all the europeans...The Europe is too big a (MORE)

Which country has the strongest economy in Africa?

The country with the strongest economy within Africa, is presumably South Africa. However, after further research has proven that Egypt is also a strong economical force. I hope this answers your question

Is the US the strongest nation in the world economically and military?

The U.S has the world's strongest military and an economy that cansupport $18 trillion in debt. A potential rival is China. China has wage scales set for the most part by the communistgovernment. Its economy is based primarily on products built therebecause of China's low wages. A look at the averag (MORE)

5 strongest military powers in the world?

These are the 5 strongest military powers... 5.Japan 4.It's kind of a tie with France and UK ( United Kingdom ) 3.Germany 2.India 1.It's kind of a tie with Russia, USA ( United States America ), and China

Strongest militaries?

\nWEll as of now the military powers will be roughly this\n. \nUSA\nRussia\nChina\nIsrael\nFrance\nIndia\nUK\nJapan\nGermany\nPakistan\n. \nThe topic is highly debatable and there are no absolute answers

What is the list of the strongest military power?

I am not really sure but from what I have read and learned from my experience I would have to say the countries with the strongest military ( including navy, air force, ground troops, artillery eg tanks and finally secret forces for example CIA, FBI, SAS, French foreign legion) would go like this 1 (MORE)

Did the Soviet Union have the strongest military?

Interesting question, difficult to answer. At the height of the Cold War, there were two superpowers: the USAand the USSR. While the USSR had a tendency to build bigger andbigger weapons systems that were in some cases vastly more powerfulthan anything the US had (see Tsar Bomba), their technology (MORE)

Strongest military on earth?

Since the United States spends almost as much money on its military as all the rest of the countries in the world combined, one might expect they are the strongest. Howevr if you measure strenght in terms of number of people in unifrom then China has the largest military, though they are not nerarly (MORE)

What is the order of the strongest militaries?

1. United States of America 2.China 3.Russia 4.India 5.United Kingdom 6.France 7.Germany 8.Brazil 9.Japan 10.Turkey 11.Israel 12. South Korea 13. Italy 14.Indonesia 15.Pakistan 16.Taiwan 17.Egypt 18.Iran 19.Mexico 20.North Korea 21.Sweeden 22.Greece 23.Canada 24.Saudi Arabia 25.Ukraine 26.Australia (MORE)

Strongest military power in Asia?

It is hard to decide who to be the most powerful military in region. The most powerful military must include strategy, geography, technology, experience. There was no country which satisfy all. - India is the most powerful Air-force and Navy-force in the Asia, but has a low experience in land an (MORE)

African strongest military countries?

Egypt by far. It is the largest nation. Although Egypt could barely hold i' own against even the weakest European nations, Africa is currently in turmoil. Egypt's equipment is considered outdated compared to the rest of the world, and perhaps ancient to USA, but it is pretty advanced for African cou (MORE)

What are the causes of military coup in Africa?

Although there are many widely accepted theories about the causesof military coups in Africa, there are some explanations that arealmost universally agreed on. 1) Grievence: this theory explains that coups are caused by groupsthat mobilize to fight injustices committed by the state. After along his (MORE)

Top 10 strongest military in east Africa?

Well tbh you cant even make a top 10 with the official east of Africa. If you mean the wikipedia version (The geographic one) then it would go in this order...... 1. Egypt 2. Ethiopia 3. Eritrea 4. Sudan 5. Kenya 6. Zimbabwe 7. Uganda 8. Zambia 9. Tanzania 10. Djibouti That probebly just about tak (MORE)

What are the top strongest armies in Africa?

THE TOP TEN STRONGEST ARMY IN AFRICA 1) South Africa ( South Africa has the most powerful army in africa; it has more harmful weapons than any other country in Africa; it is the only African country that was trying to create the Nuclear weapon but was stopped by the US. 2) Egypt 3) Nigeria 4 (MORE)

Which has the strongest economy in Africa?

Nigeria has the strongest economy in Africa. The only set back that Nigeria has is that it is yet to have strong economic/government policies in place to stablize the economy. But no doubt, Nigeria has the strongest economy.

What are the top 10 strongest military powers in the world?

USA . Annual Defense Budget $515,000,000,000 Military Personnel 1,385,000 Population reaching military age annually 4,266,128 Fighter Jets 22,700 Navy Ships 1,600 Purchasing power $13,780,000,000,00 CHINA Annual Defense Budget $59,000,000,000 Military Personnel 2,255,000 Population reaching mi (MORE)

Ten strongest military in the world.?

1. USA 2. China 3. Russia 4. Turkey is 4 because they beat the french, british empires. Greece, armenia,and Italy in the Turkish war of independance. 5. Germany 6.Britain 7. France 8. Japan 9. Israel 10. Brazil

What country has the strongest military in Latin America?

The top countries in latin America with the strogest military are Cuba and Colombia , first of all because Cuba and Colombia are the latin American countries that has more expirience in wars. If you want to ask me something email me to: Daniel.rodriguez96@gmail.com or just write your coment now.

Where does Kenya's military rank in Africa?

kenyas millitary is da strongest in africa.positioning is among the top five as its like israel where da sorrounding neighbours are cruel but kenya still stands strong en always ready.

Is US military the strongest?

The US is the strongest military! USA has the biggest military in the world, it's estimated to be 1.2 billion people in all forces of the military! Cool huh.

What country has the second strongest military?

at the moment it is china although it is rapidly expanding and soon to take over America China would not take over the United States of America until at least 2050 if they even did. The U.S. spends over $660 billion a year on military, whereas China spends about $100 billion.

Is Rwanda the strongest army in East Africa?

no. just that the army killed many its citizens!!!! It can NEVER stand bigger economies and populations such as Tanzania and Kenya in the region. Tanzania remains the strongest army in East Africa and one of the best in Africa

What are the top 5 strongest countries military-wise?

This depends on how one classifies 'military-wise'. For the purpose of this question, we will assume that this refers to the amount of money that a country spends on their armed forces in a year, or military expenditure. In US Dollars, the 5 strongest countries military-wise of 2010 are: the United (MORE)

What is the strongest army central Africa?

The central African country with the strongest army is Kenya. Kenya has a very highly organised army, air force and navy, whichnot all African countries have each of. Kenya is also in anextremely strategic location, making it very easy to defend andextremely difficult to invade, which is why the Bri (MORE)

What part of Athens' military was the strongest?

Its navy was the strongest as it remained on continuous for halfthe year - it was paid for by the contributions mulcted from itsallied cities. Its army was a militia comprised of farmers andtradesmen called out for military service as required in emergencyand was not paid.