Who holds the single game record for most 3-point shots made in a single UNC home basketball game?

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What team holds the record for the most 3-point shots made in a NCAA basketball game?

Loyola Marymount versus Michigan in 1990 with 21 made 3-pointers. Creighton University versus Villanova also made 21 3-pointers in 2014.
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Who holds the record for most touchdowns thrown in a single game?

Note: Canadian Football League. on the 15th Oct 1962 Joe Zuger of the Hamilton Tiger Cats threw 8 TD passes vs. the Saskachewan Roughriders. NFL record is 7 by the following (MORE)

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played professional basketball for 20 seasons as either a Milwaukee Buck LA Laker. He holds the record for all-time point scoring with 38,387. He is one of (MORE)

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Possibly baseball's fiercest competitor, outfielder Ty Cobb played from 1905 to 1928. He played all but two seasons with the Detroit Tigers. His lifetime batting average of .3 (MORE)
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What is the NBA team record for 3 point shots made in a single game?

The Magic set the all-time NBA record for three pointers made in a game as they made 23 to break the old record of 21 (set by Toronto in 2005) in a 139-107 dispatching of Sacr (MORE)

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