Who invented newspapers?

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The news paper was invented in the 8th century by a man named Kaiyuan Za Bao in china. I got this in wikipedia.
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Who invented the newspaper?

Handwritten newsletters were made in Renaissance Europe and the first printed forerunner of the newspaper was in the 1400's in Germany. In the English speaking world small pam

Who Invented Newspaper?

The first recognised newspaper was published by Johann Carolus. He began publishing Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien (Account of all distinguished

Why was the newspaper invented?

As far back as Bible times, there was public interest in what the leaders of a country were doing, what events were taking place amongst the elites-- in other words, who was m

Purpose to invent first newspaper?

Apparently, the original purpose was to pass along info about wars, economic conditions, social customs and "human interests" features (ect.) privately among merchants.

Where was newspaper invented?

The Frankfurter Zeitung dates from about Elizabethan times or a little later, maybe l6l7 or so. The name means, of course, Frankfurt Times. It is a German Paper and I believe

Why was newspaper invented?

Because people in business wanted to know what events in the world might influence their marketing and buying/selling-opportunities. Europe's earliest newspapers were almost e