Who invented the Circoflex kite?

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The circoflex kite was invented as an experiment in shortening the lenght of a windsock whilst retaining the flying characteristics in the early 1990's. Tom Oostveen and Helmut Schiefer of Holland are credited as its inventors. Typically they are made from mylar in metalic colours to give the impression of flying jewellery.
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When was the kite invented?

The kite was invented in the times of ancient China, around 1000 BC, when the Chinese soldiers flew kites to warn fellow soldiers, and the rest of the country, that enemies were coming to attack them.

Who invented the kite?

The kite comes to us from the Chinese. They were flying them some 2800 years ago. A link can be found below. The kite was invented in China by Mozi and Lu Ban

Who created the kite?

No one knows exactly how or who invented the first kite . It is thought that the earliest use of kites was among the Chinese.

Who and when invented the box-kite?

it was natasha murray Hello everyone, Sorry Natasha Murray did not invent the box-kite. Natasha Murray is a girl in my grade, who was doing the box-kite for her project last year. She only wanted to be "Famous" for a short time. This was a long time ago but still it's fraud. Thank-you all very (MORE)

How was the kite invented?

The kite was apparently created by the Chinese around 500 BC, and by 500 AD was being used for a variety of purposes including light lifting, measuring distances, and semaphore-like military communication. The sport of kite-fighting developed in India and spread to other regions such as Afghanistan. (MORE)

Where were kites invented?

china The earliest known kite was from 2300 B.C. they were invented in China No one can tell for sure where the first kite was made. The is no doubt that the kite originated in Asia but if China claims to have the most ancient writings about kites, the Malay people (nowadays spread mainly in an area (MORE)

Who invented Chinese kites?

It is really hard to say for sure as you can imagine we don't have a whole lot of documents of this age to read! Kungshu Phan was an engineer around 4th C BC flew wooden dove for three days and nights. Probably this was a kite. Chang Heng 2nd C BC is recorded flying a similar craft with movi (MORE)

Where was the first kite invented?

The earlies records of the use of a kite are those of the Chinese. They go back some 2800 years.. A link to the Wikipeida article on this wonderfully simple and roundly entertaining tethered air vehicle is supplied.

What is a kite?

Answer: in addition to the child's toy named kite, there is a bird named the 'kite.' Kites are mostly carrion eaters (already dead bodies like buzzards and crows) but sometimes eat rodents, snakes and other small live prey. Answer: A kite or (deltoid) is a quadrilateral with two pairs of s (MORE)

What is kiting?

Kiting in RPGs is a process of keeping a monster (mob) at a distance so they can't do damage to you while you (the character) damage it. In WoW the character classes most able to do this are: Hunters, Warlocks, Mages, Priests and Shaman. (Paladins can do it to Undead, Rogues don't they use stun-lock (MORE)

When did the Chinese invent the kite?

Kites were invented by the Chinese people over 2000 years ago. About in the 12th century, Chinese kites spread to the West which let to Oriental and Western kite culture forming after years of development. In this process, the traditional culture integrated with the Chinese kites craft, and finally (MORE)

How and why were kites invented?

Initially they were used to measure wind and weather conditions. People saw the fun of flying kites so they became popluar for fun. some kites were also used for fishing, too!

Why were kites invented?

because han hsin the person that invented the kite invented it forthe war to keep the evil spirits away

Where was kite flying invented?

It was invented in china around 472-221 BC. It was used for military sources and to "heal illnesess". We do not know who invented it, but whoever did was a genious.

Who invented the Chinese kite?

There are no records of who invented the Chinese kite, however,some believe it was the invention of Mozi and Lu Ban, two Chinesephilosophers. Mozi and Lu Ban lived in the 5th century BC.

How Get a kite on RuneScape?

go to draynor and go to the market. you will find a toy stall there. ask Diango, the toy store owner, if you would like a kite. costs 100gp for a kite. or the shield kites u have to buy in the exchange or smith them

What Chinese dynasty invented kites?

The first kite was made in China by Mo Di [468-376BC], during the Zhou Dynasty. The first kites to be made from bamboo and silk appeared during the tang Dynasty 618-907BC.

Did the Chinese invent the kite?

the reason the Chinese invented the kite is to use it for wars but at first they just liked them for coolness so thanks for clicking here oops almost forgot that there is a 100 foot dragon kite all made out of the material for Cd's and there is100 feet of it oops already said that sorry bye bye

Who was the inventor of kites?

The kite was said to be the invention of the famous 5th century BC Chinese philosophers http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Mozi and http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Lu_Ban

What is the purpose of the kite?

Every country has its own style and purpose of flying kite, in India kiting is a part of a great social festival. People everywhere fly kites from the terrace of their houses; thousands of kites can be seen flying in sky at a time. In India, kiting was famous right from the Mogul period. In Japan, k (MORE)

In The Kite Runner what does the kite represent?

the kite resperesents Amirs life! when the kite is flying and it i free then you can imagine Amir. HE IS FREE! AND WHEN THE KITE CUTS THEN AMIR HAS TROUBLESS. SOMETHING LIKE THAT! DID YOU GET THE POINT?

Why did they invent kites?

They made kites so in thunder storms we can put a key on the end and electricute ourselves.. No one really knows Why the kite was invented as we don't know when the first kite was invented. The first written account of a kite is of it being used for lifting a man into the air in Chinca in BC300. Ho (MORE)

Who invented the sled kite?

William Allison in the 1950's but wasn't patenet until 1954. In 1954 Frank Scott modified it by adding teo vents (holes) for stability.

Why were ancient Chinese kites invented?

Chinese kites were invented to send messages, carry loads in war, execute prisoners by tying them to a kite, as leisure for the people and to drop leaflets taunting the enemy over their land, and later bombs. Ancient and medieval Chinese sources list other uses of kites for measuring distances, te (MORE)

Who invented box kites?

Maillot was probably the first person to include a box like element in his kite design of 1886; similar to a delta conyan it has a triangular keal. However, Lawrence Hargrave is probably the most famous "first" he experimented with different cellular box designs in and around 1893. . but the person (MORE)

What does a kite have?

In geometry, a kite is a four sided polygon, with 2 adjacent sides congruent, and the other 2 adjacent sides congruent. Also, each of the 2 opposite angles (which connect the non-congruent sides are congruent to each other, and the other 2 angles non-congruent. The diagonals are congruent. There is (MORE)

What do kites have?

kites have wooden sticks some string to fly the kite and some paper to make it fly because paper is light

Who invented kite skiing?

Kite skiing is a relatively new sport that Otto Lilienthal iscredited with inventing. This was most common in Germany and inSweden.

How did they invent the kite?

There are no clear accurate records for this answer. However, kites were recorded in history 3000 years ago in China andMalaya. Some suggest that the kits were used with first works tied to them by the Chinese soldiers. They did so to confuse their enemies who didn't hear the kites fly over their he (MORE)

Who was the first person to invent kites?

i dont know who was the first person but i know where it was in China in 200 BC and you all know almost everything is made in China is because Obama the president of USA he gets alot of money from China and someone pays China taxes and there not por they are reach and USA is becoming pore because of (MORE)

Do kites hover?

If you're talking about the bird kite, yes. But I don't know how. I've been watching one; it seems like it flaps its wings rapidly and spreads out its tail feathers and is almost hovering vertically. I don't know how they do that, though!

Does a kite have angles?

Yes. A kite is a geometric shape, ans as with all geometric shapes (save for the circle and sphere), it has angles.

How does a kite get made?

First you need 2 sticks a kite shaped sheet with holes on the sides. Then glue the two sticks to make a T shape. Next tie a string from the the holes to the end of tghe sticks. And get a really long rope and tie it to the kite and you got a perfect kite. PS: you can paint the sheets any color you wa (MORE)

Who was the man who invented kites?

No one knows exactly how or who invented the first kite. It is thought that the earliest use of kites was among the Chinese, approximately 2,800 years ago . The kite was said to be the invention of the famous 5th century BC Chinese philosophers Mozi and Lu Ban . Hope this helped out a l (MORE)

What is The Kite Runner in a kite?

The kite runner is a person, not a part of a kite. A kite race would be held in which there were teams of two, usually young boys. One would cut down the other kites. When a kite was cut, their partner, the kite runner would run to be the first to retrieve the kite.