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Who invented the current defensive line techniques?

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Walter Jones with the 1970 raiders
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Who is the current defense minister of US?

First, in the United States, the people in the cabinet are not called "ministers," as they are in England or other countries with a parliamentary system. They are called "secr

Who invented the Tampa 2 defense?

  It was a combination of the Tampa Bay staff that was lead by Tony Dungy. That staff included great coaches like Monty Kiffin, Lovie Smith and Mike Tomlin. Tony Dungy too

What is a 3 technique defensive tackle?

The 3 technique is the D-Tackle that is lined up on the Outside Shoulder of the Right Guard. The 1 technique is the D-Tackle that is lined up on the Outside Shoulder of the

What is a 5 technique defensive tackle?

It is a defensive end who lines up outside the shoulder of the  offensive tackle. There are 9 techniques, a five is basically a  typical 4-3 defensive end.

Who is the current secretary of defense and what does he do?

The current secretary of defense is Robert Gates. The role of the Secretary of Defense is to be the principal defense policy advisor to the President and is responsible for th

Who invented current?

Nikola Tesla, an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer, invented the generator that produced alternating current (AC). He was one of the most important contribut

Who invented 3-4 defense?

Chuck Fairbanks when he coached the Patriots. It was known at the time as the Oklahoma Defense because he'd created it at the University of Oklahoma. Actually Tom Landry is c