Who invented the division sign and when?

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It was first used in a algebra book called "Teutshe algebra" in 1659. The author was a man named Johann Rahn.
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What are the division signs?

Answer for division signs . /. the other one I can't do on a computer. it is a dash with a dot on the top and a dot on the bottom.

Who invented the sign?

Depends what sign exactly. . Some signs (such as modern road signage) was developed quicklyafter the advent of the car, in order to regulate traffic anartificial system was c

Who invented the at sign?

The at sign, @ - known by more creative names in European foreign languages as the "snail", the "little monkey tail", and the "spider monkey", has many alternative creation th

Who invented the - sign?

No one person invented the hyphen - It came into common usage in the English languge to join twosimilar meaning words or split a single word in two

What does division sign on prescriptions mean?

It's actually one circle above a horizontal line and one "1" below it. It means "One tablet". To write "two tablets", he would have drawn two circles above the horizontal line

Why was division invented?

I think they invented it to do bigger mathscales, and to check multiplication because they are inverse operations.
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How do you find the division sign?

The division sign is simple. Draw a short line similar to a dash like this - Put a dot on top of the line and put a dot under the line. That symbol indicates division.