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Who invented the first enamel bathtub?

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John Michael Kohler did when he enameled a cast iron horse trough in 1883.
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Who invented enamel?

Enameling was invented by John Michael Kohler around the 15th century

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Can you use enamel spray paint to paint a bathtub?

Enamel paint can be used on porcelain or iron bathtubs with great results, so I'll walk you through this process, just in case you're unsure about how to do this. You Will N

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What is enamel?

hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth. a colored glassy compound (opaque or partially opaque) that is fused to the surface of metal or glass or pottery for decora

Who invented the bathtub?

In 1883 John Michael Kohler enamelled a cast iron horse trough, but people had been bathing in wooden and metal tubs for years before that.

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What is a bathtub?

As we all know, bathtub is a container used mainly for  bathing.It plays an important role in our family.It is good for our  health,such as blood pressure and muscles,it may