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coco chanel invented the Handbag in February 1955 and it was the standard for ever since. i just helped everyone else who had to research bags for homework :)
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Which handbag is the cutest handbag?

Defining which is cute might be a little bit tricky because it  always matters on the person's preference. But I for me I like the  smaller size, flat looking handbags with

Where are cole haan handbags made?

Cole Haan is a producer of high-quality handbags that are popular  across the globe. The bags are produced in China, Vietnam, and  India.

Where are Louis Vuitton handbags made?

Many Louis Vuitton products say: "Louis Vuitton Paris Made In France" Actually some are also made in USA as well as Spain for smaller products. Louis Vuitton bags, key rin

What are the Perlina handbags?

Perlina handbags are constructed using fine leather from Italy and South America. They are functional and attractive and useful for all occasions. The company was established

Are tignanello handbags quality handbags?

Tignanello handbags are quality handbags. They are made from only the best material available and they are very stylish too. They also are very durable.

What are guess handbags?

guess handbags are a casual yetprofessional handbag mad by one of the biggest designer companies in the U.S

Who invented handbags?

Many of the top names of today's handbags got their start as luggage makers .Hermes bags were founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, a harness and saddle maker, while Loius Vuitto

Handbags in the 1970s?

Amazing vintage 1970's, Colini Handbags USA, black textured leather & man made materials shoulder bag clutch purse with silver colored metal accents and long leather tassel zi

Why are handbags used?

  Im guessing the person asking this question is a dude, but anyway, handbags are used to keep all a girl/women's personal things in eg. phone, purse, make up, diary, etc.

What is the purpose of a handbag?

There are many purposes for a hand bags. The least common purpose  is to carry dogs in. Most women use it to keep there needs such a  lipstick, tissue, and money inside. A h

Is it right to buy Replica handbags?

It depends on you, I think. If you don't care, of course it is okay. Which woman would not die to carry the latest styles in designer handbags? But hardly a handful of these