Who invented the swingset?

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It wasn't so much a person as it was a group of people, review this whole site:

Within a short period of time, some of the better known schools for teachers began to pay attention to the development of playgrounds and recreation. In 1912, the University of Virginia Summer School for teachers began educating "county school teachers in equipping their own yards with playground apparatus." The University designed and constructed a "fine playground" to illustrate and supplement the classroom instruction in playground methods. The equipment was used constantly during the six weeks of summer school session, and then was dismantled and stored away to be used again at subsequent sessions. The apparatus included: a sandbox or sand pile, a balancing tree, jump standards, a see-saw, a slide, a swing frame with sliding poles and ladder, a flying dutchman, and a giant stride. All of the equipment was home-made and inexpensive. According to state government records the boys and girls of Charlottesville, Virginia duplicated some of this apparatus at their own homes and in vacant lots around town.
  • http://www.outdoorfunstore.com/playground-history.asp
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