Who invented the three-point shot in basketball?

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Chronologically, Herman Sayger was the inventor. Depending on your perspective, the three-point line was developed/introduced several times in the course of basketball's history. The list of possible "inventors" are included below:

# Herman Sayger (1933)
# Howard Hobson (1945)
# Al Grenert (1950s)
# American Basketball League (1961)
# Eddie Rios Mellado (1962)
# ABA (1968)

For a more in-depth answer, you can read Interbasket's article on Who Invented the 3-Point Line (check out the reference/link below)
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What is a 'three-point' shot in basketball?

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Who invented the three point line in basketball?

It was invented by Eddie Rios Mellado in Vieques, Puerto Rico during the 1940's. My father is from Vieques and he was a student on that era and remebers Mr. Rios' setting the
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