Who is Achilles and what was the importance of his heel?

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Achilles Heel is an old saying about a guy who is invincible except for his heel. the moral is that everybody has a weakness. Example: The spiders are her Achilles Heel or it means: the only thing that can scare her are spiders .

His mother dipped all of Achilles in the river Styx all except his heel. He was invincible everywhere except his heels because of that
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What is an Achilles' heel?

An 'Achilles heel' is a single, deadly weakness despite overall strength. It is named after the hero, Achilles, because he was basically invincible except for a spot on his heel; which led to his downfall. This was because his mother, Thetis, dipped him into the River Styx hanging onto his heel. In (MORE)

How do you use Achilles Heel in English Language?

Answer . The expression refers to a fatal weakness. Use it when you want to really dramatize or emphasize a trait or characteristic that someone has, one that has the power to bring him down. For example, suppose that a person who is otherwise very capable has a weakness for flattery. If you f (MORE)

Why is Achilles important?

Achilles is really the focal character in the Iliad. Without him, the Greeks probably wouldn't have been able to defeat the Trojans, as Hector, the leader of the Trojan army, was second only to Achilles in martial prowess.

Why did Achilles die because of an arrow in his heel?

His mother held the baby Achilles by the heel when she dipped him in the River Styx to make him invulnerable to injury. His heel was not exposed to the magic of the river water and he died after being shot in the heel with an arrow.

What is the story of Achilles' heel?

Thetis, mother of Achilles, tried to make him invulnerable by putting him into the waters of the Styx (a river of Hades) but the heel by which she held him was not touched by the Styx's waters, and failed to be protected. In the Iliad , Homer does not mention this weakness of Achilles' heel.

What shall you do if you have Achilles heel?

An "Achilles heel" is a weakness in a person who is otherwise quitestrong or capable. Thus, when one has identified one's own"Achilles heel," one does well to work to improve it or at least toconceal it so that others are not able to take advantage of it.

Why was Achilles heel the only place he was vulnerable?

I forgot what exactly happened, but i think back when he was blessed, they put his whole body into the water and held him by his ankles. So his ankles were the only part of his body that never touched. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ when his mother thetis dipped him into the rive (MORE)

What was Achilles' heel?

The legend was that his goddess mother dipped him in the Styx Riverto make him invulnerable, but she held him by the heel and it washis vulnerable part.

Why was the name 'Achilles' named after the back of the heel?

It's the other way around. The Achilles tendon was named after the character Achilles. Achilles got his invinceability when his mother dipped him into the river Styx. In order to do this, she held him by the back of the foot-- Where she held him was the only part of his body that was not bathed in t (MORE)

What is the origin of the phrase Achilles' heel?

Meaning: the one weakness, fault, flaw, or vulnerable spot in one's otherwise strong character . Origin: In the Iliad, the famous story about the Trojan War by the Greek poet Homer, Achilles was a great hero and warrior. However, he had one weak spot, the heel of one foot. When he was a baby, h (MORE)

What is meant by the saying you have discovered his Achilles' heel?

Achilles is a famous "indestructible" Roman solider. The only part of his body that could be harmed was his right heel. His right heel was his weakness, so when someone finds your one weakness it is often called your Achilles heel. Except, he wasn't Roman, he was Greek.

Why was Achilles heel vulnerable?

Thetis dipped Achilles in the waters of the River Styx , by which means he becameinvulnerable, except for the part of his heel by which she heldhim-the proverbial "Achilles' heel."

Why was Achilles invulnerable with his heel?

Okay first let me say that the belief of the invulnerability of Achilles began in the first century BC starting with a poem by Statius. (Long after the Trojan War.) It was not known before this and really Homer records three event when Achilles received minor wounds and even bleed. I don't like the (MORE)

What was the problem with Achilles' heel?

According to legend, Achilles was dipped into the river Styx, causing him to become invincible, but since he was held up by his heel, that part didin't get dipped, and became his one vulnerable point.

The Achilles heel rises from what?

It is taken from the story 'the Illiad'. The hero Achilles had been dipped in the sacred river by his mother to make invulnerable to weapon attack; all of him got this power except his heel, which she was holding. So an Achilles heel is the weak spot.

What were the themes of Achilles heel?

The themes in the story of Achilles' heel are fairly simple. One is that we all have a weakness, no one is perfect, not even Achilles who was a great warrior. Pride leading to your downfall could be another, since Achilles was so proud of his fighting abilities that he neglected to protect his heel. (MORE)

Why was Achilles weak spot his heel?

due to Achilles mother Achilles heal was his weakest point because that is were she held him as she dipped him into the river styxs to make him immortal

Why the tendon above the heel is called the Achilles tendon?

It is named after the Homer's 'Iliad' account of the fall of Troy where one of the heros 'Achilles' is killed by an arrow entering his heel, which was the only place where he was vulnerable after being held by the heel by his mother who dipped him into the river styx.

What is achiles heel?

In medical terms, the Achilles tendon is the tendon in the lower leg that connects the lower leg muscles, in particular the calf muscle, to the ankle. If struck hard enough it can strain or break and incapacite someone for many weeks. It's used also as a term to describe a critical weakness in so (MORE)

How do you use Achilles' heel in a sentence?

The phrase "Achilles' heel" is a way of naming a weakness. Anexample of a sentence using the phrase would be: While he was afantastic basketball player, free throws were his Achilles' heel.

What is the origin of the idiom Achilles' heel?

According to legend, when the mythical Greek hero Achilles was a baby his mother dipped him in the waters of the River Styx. This made him invulnerable to all weapons, except at the spot where she held him on the heel. Achilles went on to be the greatest hero and champion of the Greeks during the Tr (MORE)

Can you die if you cut your Achilles heel?

Your Achilles heel is actually a statement when mentioning a weakness of yours or actually weak ankle/heelzperiodz I suppose you can't really die from it under basic circumstances

How do you fix an Achilles heel?

When someone says "That is your Achilles' heel." They mean it isyour weakness. I would identify your weakness then practice onmaking it less of a weakness. Remember though, everyone has anAchilles' Heel.

Why is Achilles' heel used modernly?

Idioms are used because they mean something specific. This phrase still has meaning in the modern world, so it is still used. The idea of the hero with a fatal weakness is a common one in most heroic stories. Today you also hear this used in reference to celebrities and politicians.

Why do you refer to something weak as the Achilles heel?

The term "Achilles heel" dates back to old Greek legends, which tell of a hero named Achilles, who's entire body was indestructible, except for a small area on the back of his heel. This made him a feared warrior, as he could not be damaged by weapons, until another warrior named Paris discovered hi (MORE)

Where does the term Achilles' heel come from?

The term Achilles heel refers to a person's weak spot. It comes from the Greek hero Achilles. Thetis, Achilles's mother is a nymph. When Achilles was born, she tried to dip him in the river Styx to make him immortal. But she missed Achilles' heel because she was holding him by it. Another version of (MORE)

Where did 'Achilles heel' get its name?

The term Achilles heel came from the famous Greek hero Achillesbecause he was could not be harmed anywhere except the Achillesheel. He was believed to have earned his invincibility of not beingharmed anywhere by taking a dip in the river Styx.

How big is the Achilles heel?

The Achilles TENDON is on the back of your ankle and runs up to your calf muscle. It depends on the height of the person as to the length. Achilles' heel was probably the same size as everyone else's.

Does 'An Achilles heel' mean a sore heel?

An Achilles heel is a weakness that leads to your downfall. It comes from Greek mythology where the hero, Achilles, was dipped in the river Styx to protect him from harm. Unfortunately his heels didn't touch the water and he was eventually killed in battle, in the Battle of Troy, by Paris. The Achil (MORE)

What is An Achilles NOT an Achilles heel?

Achilles is a greek soldier that fought in the Trojan War. His mother bathed him in the River Styx making him invincible everywhere but his heel. In the Trojan War an archer fired an arrow which hit his heel and causing him to die.

What is Achilles heel on Howrse?

an achilles heel is a BMI on howrse. With it you no longer have to worry about what time you bed your horse down for the night or what its energy level is. Indeed, if you put your horse to bed too late or with little energy, he will wake up with as much energy, health and morale as if you had put hi (MORE)

What part of speech is Achilles heel?

It means a weak point and is an adage. Many words can be employed to refer to an expression. Most, as you'll see, are true synonyms of one or more others, but a few have specific (and sometimes unique) connotations. Here are the synonyms and their senses: 1. Adage (from the Latin adagium , "prov (MORE)

Where did the word Achilles heel came from?

From the Iliad (Ilias), great epic poem written by Homer (Homeros). Achilles (Akhilleus) was an ancient Greek hero who attacked against Troy (Ilion/Troia) with the Greek Peloponnesian army of Agamemnon and Menelaus (Menelaos). In the myth Achilles was immortal since his mother dipped him into a wat (MORE)

What is the meaning of Achilles' heel?

It is a person's point of weakness. Achilles, according to legend, was dunked in the River Styx by his mother Thetis when he was a baby. She wanted to make him immortal. While dunking him, she held him by the heel. This is the only body part that was not immortal. During the Trojan War, Paris shot h (MORE)

What does the phrase Achilles' heel mean?

The phrase 'Achilles heel' means a weakness someone has who is otherwise unbeatable. It can be used in almost any context such as Superman's Achilles heel is kryptonite. The saying comes from the Greek hero Achilles who was invincible apart from a small spot on his heel.

Why was Achilles' heel his weak spot?

Because when his mother dipped him in the Styx, that is where sheheld on to him so she could pull him out. So the rest of him wasimpervious to almost anything, but in that one spot, he was stillnormal.

How is the term Achilles heel used today?

The term Achilles heel comes from the legend of Achilles, who was invincible in his body everywhere except his heel, after he was dipped into the river Styx. The term is used to describe a weakness, often a specific one, or a unique one. It can be physical or mental.