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Engr. Bayani "BF" Fernando
A professional Mechanical Engineer. He is the founder of the BF GROUP OF COMPANIES, dealing with construction, steel, manufacturing and real estate. He has built the country's tallest building, shopping malls, industrial and residential subdivisions and facilities. He is a former Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways.
He was a three-term City Mayor of Marikina, who transformed the former municipality into one of the best-managed cities and a paradigm of responsive and effective governance. During his incumbency, Marikina City was accorded 55 citations and distinctions.
As Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Metropolitan Manila has been dramatically changing into a livable metropolis. With his exceptional administrative skills and leadership qualities that have now become the yardstick of performance, he continues to prove himself as an agent of positive change. This earned him the moniker "Mr. Governance".
For his outstanding work, he was conferred the Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa, Ateneo de Cagayan, The Outstanding Filipino(TOFIL) Award for Government Service, the H.R Reyes Academic Medallion of Honor, Central Colleges of the Philippines and Doctor of the Public Administration, Honoris Causa by the polytechnic University of the Philippines.
Mr. Political Will. " Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re" a Latin phrase which means " Gentle in manner, Resolute in action". He speaks and deals with people from all walks of life with amiable bearing of a real gentleman but decides and acts with a firm political will, uncompromising with his principles. From his passion of building structures, he now prides himself as a builder of character.
The Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority


"Bilang isang namumuno Hindi ako maaring makiiyak sa mahihirap sapagkat kung bulag din ang aking mata. Paano ko sila maakay upang makaahon sa kahirapan."
"As a leader, I cannot cry with the poor for if my eyes are blinded with tears, how will I lead them out of poverty?"
BF 2003
This definition was taken from http://bayanifernando.pH/profile.HTML
by Prof. Toti Dulay of the 2nd Congressional District of Marikina City
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ang tula ng mga bayani ay may ibig sabihin, bawat salita ay may kahulugan,,,, kaya pahalagahan ntin ito,, thank you very much,, hahaha =P

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