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David Sasik is a young male actor. He is 15 almost 16, and if you look up Black Veil Brides "Knives and Pens" music video he is the kid that is being made fun of (in the video he is 14.
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Who is David garett?

There might be several David Garett's but i know a David Garett who is only one of his kind, he is a great Violinist, he holds the worl record for being the fastest violin player,. you can find more on him if you just tpe David garett + violin on youtube

Who is David Day?

David Day is a poet and author who has published 40 books of \n\n\n\n\npoetry, ecology, history, fantasy, mythology and fiction. Born \n\n\n\n\nin 1947 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, after graduating \n\n\n\n\nfrom Victoria High School, he divided his time over the next \n\n\n\n\ndecade betw (MORE)

Who is David anaya?

He is well known all around his community and is ready to graduate from Edison High School and be the first generation in his family to go to college.. =)

Who is David Seaman?

David Seaman is a retired footballer, who played as a goalkeeper. He is best known for his 13-year stint with Arsenal F.C..

What does David Stern do?

David Stern used to be the commissioner of the NBA. He is currentlyon the board of a couple of colleges.

Who is David Dunn?

David Dunn (born December 27, 1979 in Great Harwood) is an Englishfootballer who, as of December 2013, plays for Blackburn Rovers.

Who is David Annable?

Dave Annable (born September 15, 1979) is an American actor. . For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated below.

Who is David Villa?

David Villa is a Spanish footballer who is currently 28 years old of 2010, who was born in Longores, Spain. David Villa is a very popular Spanish footballer, & as a kid earned the nickname "The Blaze". He was the top scorer of the Euro Cup of 2008 with 4 goals, and won the Silver Boot. Though his bi (MORE)

Who is David Attenborough?

\n* Born: May 08, 1926\n* Occupation: Writer, Actor\n* Active: '80s-2000s\n* Major Genres: Nature\n* Career Highlights: Living Planet Vol. 12: New Worlds, Living Planet Vol. 11: The Building of the Earth, Living Planet Vol. 10: Worlds Apart\n* First Major Screen Credit: Civilisation (1969)

Who is David knight?

Wikipedia lists a number of people named David Knight. There is a link below to the disambiguation page, and perhaps this will help find the right one.

Who is David Hobbs?

There is a David Hobbs who is a retired British race car driver. Asof June 2014 he is 75 years old and a commentator for NBC.

Who is David Coverdale?

The greatest rockstar of all time, and he is the lead singer of Whitesnake. He was the lead singer of Deep Purple in the late 70s

In the story of David and Goliath who is David?

David was a child (probably teenager) who kills Goliath with astone from his slingshot. He later becomes the second king ofIsrael. David was about 14 years of age when he slew Goliath, the same yearhe was anointed King of Israel by Samuel, a judge and prophet inIsrael. David was the Son of Jesse, a (MORE)

What did David do?

he killed the giant with a rock when his brothers were afraid of him but David killed him! yay!

Where is David?

If you mean the statue of David by Michelangelo it is located in Florence, Italy and is the main center piece of the museum. There are several of his works there as well, but David is what draws the crowd. There is a copy of David located in the original location in front the Medici palace in the ce (MORE)

Why is the Star of David named after David?

Answer 1 The Star of David is a generally recognized symbol ofJewish identity and Judaism. It is named after King David ofancient Israel; and its earliest known communal usage began in theMiddle Ages, alongside the more ancient symbol of the menorah. InHebrew its name is Magen David, meaning Shiel (MORE)

Who was David of David and Goliath married to?

David won Michal's hand in marriage when he fulfilled King Saul's challenge to kill 100 Philistines all by himself. Michal was King Saul's daughter. King Saul hated David because he was jealous of him and was hoping that David would be killed trying to fulfill the King's request. David killed twice (MORE)

Who is David arnott?

The Right Reverend David Arnott is the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Should it be she and David or David and her?

She and David (subject) went to school. The teachers taught her and David, or David and her (object), to read. A compound subject can never have "her" as the pronoun. TIP: It's really much easier to use proper names when making a compound noun. Example: Sally and David went shopping. Bu (MORE)

Who was David Goble?

David Goble was an Australian soldier killed during World War I. He died (of his wounds) at sea on the HMV Frankonia on September 2, 1915. He is buried in Gibraltar Cemetery.

Who is David Galper?

David Galper is one of the two individuals who originally founded the Ruckus Network back in 2003. Ruckus was the first online music service designed to cater to the college crowd, so that they could download music legally (for free) while still in school. David's claim to fame was his ability to ra (MORE)

Who is David Otunga?

A NXT rookie who was bullied by his pro along with his fellow NXT season 1 rookies.

What did David do as king?

David made Israel into a mighty empire, and also the six pointed star, now on the national flag of Israel.

Who is David gravette?

David Gravette is a pro skater from Issaquah, Washington. He rides for Creature:) Definitely A Gnarly Kid ;)

Who is David A Fryxell?

David A. Fryxell is an author. He writes the best selling book, Write Better, Write Faster. He is also the author of numerous publications in magazines and many other sources.

What about David?

Leonard Clark is one of the "lost stars" of twentieth-century exploration. Never a proponent of big expeditions and elaborate paraphernalia - he carried his own belongings and charged ahead be it on foot, on horseback, dug-out canoe or questionable aircraft. This trait of self-reliance initially e (MORE)

Who is David tompson?

David Thompson was an explorer who helped map the Canadian Rocky's. He went on expeditions through the mountains. He liked to survey the land and the stars.

Who was David and why was he important?

David was a very loyal servant of God and he wrote songs about God (read Psalms) and played his harp. He was important because he was a good example on how to be a good christian.

Who is David Bernauer?

David W. Bernauer spent his entire career at Walgreen Company, advancing over the span of 36 years from his first position as a pharmacist in a Walgreens drugstore to chairman and CEO

Who is David meshow?

David Meshow is Canada's best multi instrumental player. He has his own website where you can visit all his links and listen to his music. He currently has two albums available for purchase; there is a third album coming out soon. note: he speaks English and French. His website is davidmeshow.com

What did David Humphreys do?

he was apparenltyy the sons of Americans reveloutions and In 1784, Humphreys was appointed by Congress as Secretary of the committee designated to negotiate commercial treaties in Europe, working chiefly under Jefferson. Humphreys' conservative (Federalist) political convictions had not yet fully fo (MORE)

Who is David Schwimmer?

David Schwimmer (born November 2, 1966 in Flushing, Queens, NewYork) is an American actor, director and producer who is mostfamous for his portrayal of Ross Geller in the sitcom Friends.

Who is David Biga?

David Biga is an 18 year old artist out of Dayton, Ohio. David attends Centerville High School and is moving to Columbus for school the fall of 2012. Despite writing music since age 5, 2011 was a huge year for him when he met Naztik and Alex Davis (also known as TheKidAD) and started finally pursuin (MORE)

What is the Shield of David?

The Shield of David is the literal translation for the Magen David. The Magen David was the emblem on King David's shield and therefore became representative of the united Jewish community. Today, that symbol is called the "Star of David" in English since it looks like a six-pointed star.

Who were David and Goliath?

A: Millions of young children have been taught the famous story of the future King David slaying the Philistine giant, Goliath, to guide them to understand the greatness of David and, perhaps, his God. David had already had intimate acquaintance with King Saul, when he became the king's armour bea (MORE)

Who is David Odemchuk?

David Odemchuk is dating Lily Lutsenko. He is a very attractive man. Oh, he also makes pulleys.

Why does David call the guards them in i am David?

David does this because he feels a need to distance himself from the guards. He rarely thinks about anything beyond the gates or beyond his next meal for that manner. Pondering about what those men feel and do would open too many other doors of thought inside his head that may only serve to make his (MORE)

Where was David HockneyBorn?

According to the Wikipedia article on his life - he was born in Bradford, in England, on the 9th of July 1937.

Who was David Crockett and what did he do?

Davy Crockett lived from 1786 -1836. He lived a large life--frontiersman, congressman from Tennessee, fought in the war of 1812 and died at the Alamo in Texas. He married twice, had 4 children. The Disney movie, Davy Crockett, lives up to the legends about his life, some exaggerated, but all good (MORE)

Who is David Wadsworths?

As of September 2013, David Wadsworth is the Sales and Account Manager at Bloomberg. David is also considered to be the Exchange Traded Applications Specialist at TCA.

Who is David Rudisha?

David Rudisha is a Kenyan middle distace runner. He is the current world record holder in the 800 meter run with a time of 1:41.01.

Where David Archuleta from?

David was born in Miami, but moved to Utah at about 6 years old. His mother is from Honduras and his father is of Spanish Basque descent.

Who is David Karandish?

David Karandish is the CEO of Answers.com. See the Answers Management Team page for more info: http://wiki.answers.com/page/management_team

What movie and television projects has David Sasik been in?

David Sasik has: Played Tim in "The Age of Innocence" in 2009. Played Henry in "Danger Jane" in 2011. Played Josh in "Love in the Time of Flannel" in 2011. Played Charlie in "Lemongate" in 2012. Played Damon in "The Shelter" in 2012.