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Is Ethan Frome a tradegy?

Yes, Ethan Frome is a tragedy because everything Ethan has ever wanted has been taken away from him. He has to first leave school to take care of his parents, then is not able (MORE)

Examples of irony in Ethan Frome?

Ethan Frome is a frame story there fore in the begining half...were the narrator is the speaker.... he describes a "droning" women. This droning women ends up being Mattie whe (MORE)

Is Ethan Frome sympathetic?

Yes. Ethan Frome is very sympathetic towards Ethan and Mattie but much less so towards Zeena. Though this story is not told by Ethan Frome himself but instead told to the (MORE)

Is Ethan Frome a strong person?

For the majority of the book, Ethan Frome's character is not exceptionally strong. He does not succeed in ignoring his feelings for Mattie and his only solution for his dilemm (MORE)

Who are the characters in the book Ethan Frome?

The main character is Ethan frome. other characters are Mattie silver, a girl who lives with the frome family and also does work around the house, she is also the love of Et (MORE)
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What does Ethan love about mattie in Ethan frome?

Ethan and Mattie are characters from the novel Ethan Frome. The qualities that makes Ethan fall in love with Mattie are her loving personality, sensitivity, and beauty.
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Why did Zeena hardly talk to Ethan Frome?

The the novel Ethan Frome, in chapter 4, Zeena chooses not to speak to Ethan Frome because she became ill, possibly because of the difficulty of farm life. She also notes that (MORE)