Who is Franz Xavier jewelry maker?

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Franz Xavier, Master Jeweler According to Home Shopping Network, Franz Xavier hails from a lineage of master artisans known for centuries for their fine goldsmithing and craftsmanship.
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How do you become a jewelry maker?

You can take classes in various mediums to learn how to make jewelry from your local community college, or Parks and Recreation center. . there is a school in paris, tx call

What type of jewelry did jewelry makers make?

Jewelry makers who design and create handcrafted pieces to sell to stores or to retail customers online don't usually make repairs or appraise items. They most often work with

Why do jewelry makers use platinum?

Platinum is a metal that is white and pale silver in color. In its pure form, platinum is easy to form into a wide variety of shapes. Therefore it is being used to a great ext

What other jewelry makers make?

Well,the real problem to make different kind of jewelry to hasvalue it is control and monopolion by the spot world market;jewelry industry's and assay co. for decades, because

How old is Franz Xavier Wernz?

Franz Xavier Wernz was born on December 4, 1844 and died on August 19, 1914. Franz Xavier Wernz would have been 69 years old at the time of death or 170 years old today.

What jewelry maker marks its jewelry ips?

If it's costume jewelry you can usually find an IPS standing for: Imperial Pearl You usually find this with 1/20 mark (which is gold filled). You can find some amazing Cha
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What is french word for jewelry maker?

"jeweller" = "joaillier" (masc.) or "joaillière" (fem.) Maybe even preferably "bijoutier-joaillier" ("bijoutière-joaillière"), as "bijou" means "jewelry" and "joailli