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Cyomoro Ivan Kagame, also known as Ivan Kagame or Yvan Kagame is the son of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. His mother Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame is the first lady of Rwanda.
His father has been the President of Rwanda since 2000 and was re-elected twice to the 7 year presidential terms in 2003 & 2010.

Ivan Kagame is 20 years old as of December, 2012. He completed his education abroad at the Brooks Academy in Massachusetts, USA In addition, after returning to his homeland Rwanda and joining the Rwanda Defense Forces, he went to the United States again to study at the West Point Military Academy.

As the son of the head-of-state, he often accompanies his father during Presidential campaigns along with his sister Ange Kagame.
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Is he Paul Kagame a good leader in Africa?

  No, because he is an authoritarian leader.   He lies to the international community about   the serious problems in his country concerning;- human rights abuses, 

How long can Paul Kagame be president of Rwanda?

A new constitution was approved by referendum in Rwanda in 2003,and was followed shortly afterwards by the first presidentialelection in the country since the 1994 genocide.Th

How did Paul Kagame become President of Rwanda?

Paul Kagame was vice president of Rwanda when President Bizimunguresigned in 2000. He has since been elected President twice, in2003 and 2010.