Who is Jacob Marley?

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he was scrooge's buisness partner in the story "The Christmas Carol" he died on Christmas Eve.
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How did Jacob Marley Die?

There is no real record of exact cause of death. However, based onthe story old age would be very much the main reason especially atthat time in Victorian Britain

What does Jacob Marley symbolize in A Christmas Carol?

Marley represents lost hope, the final unused chance for personal redemption, and the wages of overweaning greed. Because he didn't repent of his greed in his lifetime, Marley was damned to spend eternity dragging around chains and money boxes.

What did Jacob Marley tell Scrooge?

Marley tells Scrooge that he, too, wears a chain, larger than Marley's. Marley has often sat by him unseen. Now he warns him of three more spirits which will visit to help him change his ways.

What does Jacob Marley look like?

Jacob Marley had the same face. He has a pig-tail, wears a waistcoat, tights and boots. He is covered in chains which he says are the one that he made in his lifetime. He is holding a treasure box of some sort as well. The chains represent the bonds that he forged with his own hands with money.

When did Jacob Marley die?

He had been dead 7 years at the start of the story which waswritten in 1843. Therefore its assumed that Marley died Christmas1836

Who is Jacob Marley and when did he die?

He is Scrooge's partner, his sole administrator, his sole assign, etc. It's in the book on the bottom of the first page. I don't know when he died, I'm trying to figure that out too.

Where did Jacob Marley sit?

Jacob Marley sat on a chair by the fireplace. Stave 1: Marley's Ghost : . "Can you -- can you sit down?" asked Scrooge, lookingdoubtfully at him. . "I can." . "Do it then." . Scrooge asked the question, because he didn't know whether aghost so transparent might find himself in a condition t (MORE)

Why does the spirit of Jacob Marley visit Scrooge?

Jacob Marley visits Scrooge to deliver the warning that if he does not mend his greedy ways that he will spend the afterlife wrapped in heavy chains, which represent his love of money in this life. He also informs him that he will be visited by three spirits that night: the ghosts of Christmas Past, (MORE)

What business was Scrooge and Jacob Marley in?

It is never made completely clear EXACTLY what business they engage in, but it seems to involve finances (perhaps lending). Dickens refers to his place of business as a "counting house."

What are quotes from Jacob Marley that describes him?

Marley in his pigtail, usual waistcoat , tights, and boots; thetassels on the latter bristling, like his pigtail, and hiscoat-skirts, and the hair upon his head. The chain he drew wasclasped about his middle. It was long, and wound about him like atail; and it was made (for Scrooge observed it close (MORE)

Why did the ghost of Jacob Marley reappear?

He had been allowed to return from his death of everlasting tormentto do one simple but important task, to warn Scrooge that he wasmaking the same mistakes as Marley did years earlier and this wouldlead to Scrooge suffering an even worse fate in death

Why is Jacob Marley in chains?

I can't be too sure, but if I'm right then it's because it's showing his greed, and because he refused to let go off his money he got stuck carrying chains. Basically, in the simple terms, the chains represent his greed, hence why he was warning Ebenezer.

Was Jacob Marley the first spirit?

No, Jacob Marley was Scrooge's coworker but died exactly sevenyears before visiting Scrooge on Christmas Eve. While there, hewarned Scrooge about his chains, how they are made of greed, andthat they bound you from leaving Earth and into heaven. He asowarned Scrooge that he will be haunted by three s (MORE)

How were Scrooge and Jacob Marley similar?

They were both greedy business partners that cared mainly about themselves and their fortune and not about anyone else. A key difference is that during his lifetime, Marley never felt remorse for his ways, and his posthumous visit to Scrooge was intended to make Scrooge see his errors.

How old was Jacob Marley when he died?

This is no reference to age in the book originally but based on thelife style and issue of health of the time he would have nee about55 years to 60 years old

Did Jacob Marley haunt Scrooge?

Yes he did haunt him because, he loved him and he said that he would stop haunting him if they got married and lived in either Mexico or Australia.

Did Jacob Marley celebrate Christmas?

There is no reference to Marley being a lover of Christmas.However, based on his words it is assumed like Scrooge that he didnot part take of any celebrations at ths time

When did Jacob Marleys ghost leave?

Having delivered his warning to Scrooge, Marley leaves through thewindow of Scrooges bedroom in to the night. This is the end ofStave one

What are jacob Marleys ledges and deeds?

The ledges are Marleys bank receipts for sales he'd made andtherefore money was owed to Marley in these by people and deedswere the documents that proved ownership of properties that he hadand therefore income coming from rentals etc

What happened to Jacob Marley?

He died Christmas Eve 1836 and was doomed to walk the earth ineternal torment as a punishment for not caring about his fellow man

Why was Christmas a trying time for Jacob Marley?

It is the one time in the year when people try to help those not asfortunate as themselves. However, not it was too late for Marley hewas beig punished like many others for not taking time to helpmankind

What did Scrooge show to Jacob Marley?

A toothpick. Scrooge challenged Marley's Ghost with the thought that swallowing the toothpick would make the ghost disappear. When Marley shrieked in response, Scrooge finally came around to believing Marley was there.

When does Jacob Marley visit Scrooge?

In Charles Dickens' classic tale "A Christmas Carol," the ghost ofJacob Marley visits his former friend and partner Ebeneezer Scroogelate on Christmas Eve. No year is given, but the novella waspublished in 1843 and appears to be a more or less contemporarystory. The other three spirits were, accord (MORE)

How did Jacob Marley behave to Scrooge?

When he reurns to warn Scooge he says that he is doing so onlybecause he has been allowed to do so. He cannot sya why it is thisnight that Scrooge can see him but he warns him that his life mustchange of suffer the same perils as he

What day did Jacob Marley appear to Scrooge?

Jacob Marley appeared to Ebeneezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve. He did so to tell him how he was doomed to haunt the earth whilecarrying the weight of many chains because he was greedy while onearth. He warns Scrooge that his fate will be even worse unless hechanges. Marley also warns Scrooge that he w (MORE)

What did others think of Jacob Marley?

Marley was considered much like Scrooge. He was a trader and moneylenders with a hardened attitude toward people. This he refers towhen visiting Scrooge with his warning. However, Scrooge has had 7years more to forge his chain of torment.

What does the visit tell about Jacob Marley?

It tells us he was like SCrooge in his ways but had now seen theerror of his ways and although he cound not go back and makechanges that he had learned enough about helping others to warnScrooge

How did Scrooge treat Jacob Marley?

Initially on seeing his spirit Scrooge dismissed him as a piece ofundercooked meat or raw potato. However, Marley's wailing andmoaning soon convince Scrooge of who he is

What things are tying up Jacob Marley?

The are chains whose links are intersperced with safes, ledgers andmoney bags all of which were created in life by Marley and are woreas a punishement for his miserly inhuman ways

How are Scrooge and Jacob Marley unalike?

Scrooge was very miserly even to himself whilst Marley did like thefiner things i.e he bought a very large house in central Londonwhich Scrooge took over and rented out various parts after Marley'sdeath

What did Jacob Marley learn?

Marley, when visiting Scrooge on Christmas Eve explains the factthat his business was not all about the counting house and money hestates that his business should have been mankind. It is because ofthis he learned that he will walk the earth in eternal tormentnever to make restitution

Who was Jacob Marley and why does his spirit follow scrooge?

Jacob Marley was Ebenezer Scrooges business partner. Unlike ScroogeMarley did spend on himself and had a large house near the city ofLondon. However, he was as ruthless as Scrooge when dealing withbusiness and would make sure the every penny spent created many forhimself. Marley died seven years bef (MORE)

What do Jacob Marley chains signify?

The were made up of ledger (used by book keeper) keys, safes, cashboxes and links all of which were forged by his actions in life andwere to worn as a punishment in his after life of eternal torment.