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Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj (sanskrit: जगदगुरु कृपालु जी महाराज) is a Hindu acharya (आचार्य). He is lovingly called Shree Maharajji by devotees and is the 5th original Jagadguru (मुल जगदगुरु), and the Supreme Acharya (जगदगरुततम) of the present age. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj was born in October 1922 in Mangarh Village India , in a highly respected brahmin family. At the age of fourteen, he was sent to Mahu Sanskrit College, Indore to study Sanskrit literature and grammar where it is believed that he mastered all the subjects within two years. At the age of sixteen he went to the jungles of Chitrakoot, Sharbhang, Mahoba and Jhansi. For around two years he remained at those places. It was during this time that he is believed to have manifested his ecstatic form and absorption in divine love (महाभाव). Around 1940, he came to Vrindavan and started going to houses of devotees for Satsang. He would travel to the houses of various devotees in Agra, Mathura and Allahabad. On requests of devotees he started giving discourse on various aspects of Bhakti and also started Sankirtana. Apart from Sankirtan, he also started singing leela pad (describing the loving pastimes of Radha and Krishna). In 1942, he came back to Mahu and started holding long, non-stop sankirtan sessions, sometimes stretching to four months. He frequently visited Mandaleshwar and Maheshwar where he would hold fortnight-long sessions. Being honoured as the Supreme 'Jagadguru' of the present age:
In 1955 Shree Kripaluji Maharaj organized a religious convention in which, prominent spiritual leaders of India gathered. Mahamahopadhyay Giridhar Sharma, President of the Kashi Vidvat Parishad had also come and was impressed by Kripaluji Maharaj's learning and scriptural knowledge. In another convention organized in Kanpur in 1956, Shree Raj Narain, Shat Shastree, the Chief Secretary of the Kashi Vidvat Parishad, happened to hear Kripaluji Maharaj's discourses. It would seem that he was impressed by the discourses, because after returning to Kashi, it is believed that he invited Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj to give a spiritual discourse to the scholars of Kashi. Kripaluji Maharaj then went to Kashi in 1957. The congregation had all the scholars of Vanarasi also many from all over the India. They are said to have been impressed by Kripaluji Maharaj's knowledge of all the scriptures ( which include: Vedas, Upanishads, Upvedas, Vedangas, Darshan Shastras, Puranas, Itihas, the philosophies of the other Jagadgurus and the Rasik saints, etc). After speeches which lasted for seven days, the learned scholars of Kashi, requested him to accept the title of Jagadguru. He is thus considered to be the fifth original Jagadguru, the last Jagadgurus being Adi Sankaracharya (509-477 B.C.), Nimbarkacharya (before 600 B.C.), Madhavacharya (13th century) and Ramanujacharya (1017-1137 A.D.). Discourses of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj are broadcast every day throughout India and Nepal on TV Asia, Aastha TV, Nepal One channel and 'Aaj Tak' news channel, as well as in the USA. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj , unlike the previous Jagadgurus chose to write in Hindi as Sanskrit was no longer the common language. His numerous creations include:
Prem Ras Siddhant - Philosophy book. Prem Ras Madira 1008 devotional songs.
Bhakti Shatak - One hundred couplets. Braj Ras Madhuri - Collection of over 300 chantings. Radha Govinda Geet - Eleven thousand one hundred and eleven couplets. Yugal Shatak - One hundred chantings of Barsane-wari Radha Rani and Krishn. Yugal Ras Chantings of Radha Krishn.
Shree Krishn Dwadashi - Twelve songs in which he has fully described the beauty and the decorations of Krishn, and thirteen songs about the beauty and the decorations of Radha Rani. Along with spiritual dissemination, a primary stated aim of Jagadguru Kripaluji Parishat (the world wide mission of Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj) is the organisation of charitable works including: 1. Hospitals and healthcare of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, JKP
2. Regular National eye camps and Mother-child welfare schemes run by the ashrams in Vrindavan and Barsana.
3. Disaster relief including 2001 Gujarat earthquake.
4. Charitable schools and colleges in India.
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What was the reason for death of Shri Chatrappati Shivaji Maharaj?

The death of Shivaji Maharaj was due to various risk factors like tension, depression, over load, etc. according to Shivaji Maharaj's history. But the actual cause of Shivaji Maharaj's death is " VISHAM JWARA " which is TYPHOID . This fact is well documented in British Chronicles

Birthday of shivaji maharaj?

According to the government of Maharashtra, Shiva Maharaj was bornon February 19, 1630. Some say he was born as early as April 6,1627.

What is the name of horse od Shivaji maharaj?

Dear Friends Please give me the answer this Question What is the Chattrapatti Shivaji Maharaj Horse Name ? I think it's "kalyani" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The name of Shivaji Maharaj's favourite (MORE)

Best book of shivaji maharaj?

\n. \nIts got to be "Shriman Yogi" by Ranjit Desai. It's a Marathi novel, based on real facts. The langauge of the book is very simple yet gripping. The person of Shivaji Maharaj is what keeps you glued to the book.

Who killed shivaji maharaj?

Shivaji Maharaj died April 3, 1680, due to fever and dysentery.There were rumors that he had been cursed by Jan Muhammad of Jalna,and that his second wife poisoned him.

What is the meaning of the Shree symbol in Hinduism?

Sri / Shree is the sacred symbol of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Sri / Shree. While 'OM' is spiritual, Shri is both spiritual and materialistic. Sri is used to address gods in Hindu pantheon, elders, teachers, holy men and any individual (MORE)

Where can you download books of Nisargadatta Maharaj?

http://nisargadatta.org/ is a non-commercial site exclusively for the articles related to Nisargadatta Maharaj. Books, Photos, Videos, and many others. All the books that are free to download are available here.

How Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh died?

There are many who speculate that Osho was poisoned by the authorities while he was in jail in the U.S. in 1985. They say there is proof that thallium was found in his blood. He died in 1990.

What were the names of shivaji maharaj wife?

Wives: Saibai(dearest to shivaji), Soirabai(reputed to be dazzling beauty who plotted against sambhaji raje), Kashibai, Putlabai(committed sati after shivaji's death), Sakawarbai, sugunabai (relative of netaji palkar - maratha sardar), laxmibai,gunvantabai . Son's: Sambhaji Maharaj (Mother- Saibai) (MORE)

Shree Ganesh Abhishek and Pooja Vidhi?

firstly, do aarti with incense, diyas [6] and camphor. Then, bath the idol with water. then with milk. then apply tilak, offer a garland and a flower, then show 3 rotations of incense, diya, and camphor. Then, wash out the milk. Repeat the process with curd, ghee, honey, sugar, sandal paste, turmeri (MORE)

Where is original painting of shivaji maharaj?

There are very few portraits found of that time,one is in British museums,second is in chatrapati shivaji museum Mumbai,one is letho printt in ormes historical fragments, and one is in dutch museum hared abt a painting which is in salarjung museum Hyderabad but its doubtful meer mohamad painting is (MORE)

How do you write jay shree Krishna in Hindi?

जय श्री कृष्ण To know how to write other words, search for a English to Hindi transliteration tool on a search engine and when you type in the words in English you will get the words in Hindi as soon as you press space after each word.

Cricketers who got padma shree awards?

Padma Vibhushan Sachin Tendulkar (2008) Padma Bhushan CK Nayadu (1956) Maharajah of Vizianagram (Vizzy) -1958 Vinoo Mankad (1973) Sunil Gavaskar (1980) Raja Bhalendra Singh (1983). He, in all likelihood, got it for his services as President of the Indian Olympic Association and member (MORE)

What is the meaning of shivaji maharaj mudra in marathi?

It's a Sanskrit: pratipachchandralekhev vardhishnurvishvavandita, saahasnoshivasaishya mudra bhadraay raajate. "प्रतिपच्चंद्रलेखेव वर्धिष्णुर्à (MORE)

Why is the mandir called the shree ram mandir?

In Hinduism God is called, remembered or worshipped by many names and those names are given according to the Powers of God. so mostly the Mandirs have been built for worshipping those deities and they are named after them. Since Lord Rama and Lord Krishna have also been known as a kind of incarnatio (MORE)

How far Shree Shailam is from Pandharpur?

Shree Shailam is in Andhra Pradesh, 230 kms near Hyderabad. Buses ply very frequently from Hyderabad to Shree Shailam. Pandharpur is in Maharashtra, nearly 250 kms from Mumbai. Fast passenger train runs every day from Mumbai to Pandharpur. My suggestion: don't worry about the distance. Just dete (MORE)

Who is Nisargadatta Maharaj?

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher of Advaita (Nondualism), and a Guru, belonging to the Navnath Sampradaya. Sri Nisargadatta, with his direct and minimalistic explanation of non-dualism, is considered the most famous teacher of Advaita since Ramana Maharshi. In (MORE)

Who is shiromani maharaj?

shiromani maharaj is from India. she has a daughter named (none of your business). She is a teacher. She is married to ........ and has a beautiful cat named ...... . She also has a son named Sri..... .

What is the height of chhatrapati shivaji maharaj?

I went to panhala fort in kolahpur.There steps and all are built with unusual height. my guide told me that it is because people in those times had average height of 8 feet and they usually ate 16-17 handmade rotis daily for dinner.so most probably sivaji should also have a similar height........... (MORE)

Was Shivaji Maharaj an incarnation of Lord Shiva?

yes...he was the incarnation of God...& goddess Tuljabhavani .gives him her sword....! The Sword which is claimed to be given to Shri Mahant Shivaraya by Goddess Bhavani was in reality made in Italy at that time. It was imported from there which he was gifted with. Shivaji was definitely (MORE)

What was the Weight of Shivaji Maharaj?

At the time if Rajyabhishek he had a suvana tula where he was weighed and equal amount of gold was given in charity. according to that record he weighed 166 pounds.

How old is Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh?

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was born on December 11, 1931 and died on January 19, 1990. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh would have been 58 years old at the time of death or 83 years old today.

What was the cause of death of shivaji maharaj?

Shivaji Maharaj died of viral fever. This is a little known fact. Most people would believe that he died in a battlefield - his statues show him mounted on a horse with one foot raised. This would mean that he was killed from wounds sustained in a battlefield. But that is not the case.

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When was Jaikishen Maharaj born?

Jaikishen Maharaj was born on September 3, 1923, in Benares, Uttar Pradesh, British India [now Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India].

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What has the author Rajendranath P Maharaj written?

Rajendranath P. Maharaj has written: 'Host-parasite relations in a mycoparasitic system : alterations in membrane permeability and lipid composition in Choanephora cucurbitarum infected by Piptocephalis virginiana'