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Michael Jackson's third wife
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What is 'Jennifers body' about?

its where Megan fox plays Jennifer and she is human at first but then becomes a demon and eats people.

Were is Jennifer Lopez from?

Jennifer Lopez was born July 24, 1969 in New York City, the Bronx to be more specific.

What does Jennifer Lopez do?

She's an actress, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, television personality, model, fashion designer, and television producer.

Who is Jennifer Courtney?

She's an actress and the sister of Stephanie Courtney, who plays  Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercials.

Where is Jennifer Nettles from?

Douglas, Ga., which is approximately 205 miles southeast of Atlanta, GA and 260 miles northwest of Orlando, FL

Where is Jennifer Lawrence from?

Jennifer Lawrence was born in Louisville, Kentucky. And she is one  of the most convincing actresses that I know. Any part she plays,  she will convince you that she is that

What is jennifering?

Find and dig up a semi-decomposed corpse, One person then goes down on said corpse whilst the other jumps on the dead persons stomach - causing the juices (decomposed organs e

Who is Jennifer Chung?

  Born in Korea and raised in the Bay area, Jennifer was surrounded by the arts throughout her entire life. Her mother, a dance teacher, and her father, a former recording

Who is Jennifer Holliday?

Broadway actress Jennifer Holliday landed her first big role on Broadway in 1979. At age 19, she landed a part the same day she auditioned for the Broadway production of Your