Who is Kobe Bryant's second cousin?

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What is Kobe Bryant's salary?

Answer . Kobe Bryant's Salary this year (2008/09) is $21,262,500. Next season it will be $23,034,375. And in the 2010/11 it will be $24,806,250.. This year he is payed $280,907 per regular season game and $7,203 per minute he plays in a regular season game. he is sorta over paid

What is Kobe Bryant's address?

The addresses, personal cell phones, and home phone numbers of celebrities,singers, bands, actors, and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns.

What is Kobe Bryant's fan mail address?

Kobe Bryant. c/o Staples Center. 1111 S. Figueroa Street. Los Angeles, CA 90015. His fan mail address is:. Kobe Bryant. c/o Staples Center. 1111 S.Figueroa Street. Los Angeles, CA 90015.

What is Kobe Bryant's official fan email address?

Kobe Bryant does not have an official fan email address at thistime. However, you can send him fan mail at his official fan mailaddress. Fan Mail Address: Kobe Bryant The Landmark Sports Agency, LLC 881 N Park View Dr El Segundo, CA 90245-4932 USA

Are your mom's cousins your second cousins?

No, your mother's first cousin is your 'first cousin once removed'. First cousins are people who have the same grandparents. Second cousins are people who have the same great grandparents and are not first cousins, etc.

Is your husband's cousin your second cousin?

No. He's really not any official title but you could call him cousin-in-law if you wanted to. As for the second cousin, third cousin thing, here's an explanation: You are first cousins with the children of any of your aunts or uncles. Let's say your first cousin's name is Mike. If "Mike" is you (MORE)

What are Kobe Bryant's Stats?

Click on the 'Kobe Bryant's Stats' link on this page to see Bryant's yearly regular season and playoff statistics.

What is kobe bryant's favorite food?

Kobe Bryant has loved food ever since he enrolled himself in basketball. In an interview with him, he revealed that his favorite food was frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce. He stated that this delicacy was sensational, and he looked forward to every mealtime involving these delicious little sna (MORE)

What are Kobe Bryant's top ten highest scoring games?

81 versus Raptors January 22, 2006.. 65 in overtime vs Blazers in March during his 4 50+ straight game streak. 62 vs Dallas in December outscoring them threw 3 quarters. 60 again during his 50+ straight game vs Memphis in March. 61 versus New York Knicks on February 2, 2009.. 58 vs Bobcats (MORE)

What is Kobe Bryant's childhood like?

when he was 6 he went to live in Italy he is steak He moved to Italy because his father (Bill "JellyBean" Bryant) played in the NBA but then went over seas to play ball. He moved back years later to philadelphia to play at lower merion h.s. He went to the NBA in 97' straight from h.s.

What was Kobe Bryant's childhood like?

his childhood was great because he had a father that playedbasketball. joe Bryant took Kobe with him in Italy. Kobe lovedsoccer and his favorite team was FC Barceleno He moved to Italy because his father (Bill "JellyBean" Bryant)played in the NBA but then went over seas to play ball. He movedback (MORE)

Kobe bryant's net worth?

Kobe Bryant's estimated net worth is $260,000,000. His annualsalary is over $30,000,000. He also earns millions of dollars fromendorsements.

Who are kobe bryant's parents?

Kobe's mother is Pamela Cox till she got married and now is Pamela Bryant and his father is Joe "JellyBean" Bryant who was a former NBA player. Kobe Bryant is the son of former Philadelphia 76ers player and former Los Angeles Sparks head coach Joe "Jellybean" Bryant and Pamela Cox Bryant.

What was Kobe Bryant's shooting percentage in 2004 nba finals?

65 percent 65 percent is a blatant falsehood. Bryant shot a miserable 38.1 percent from the field in the 2004 NBA finals. Go to nba.com and check out the facts yourself. Bryant is a career 41 percent shooter in the six NBA finals he has played in. Only one time did he shoot over 50 percent for an e (MORE)

What is Kobe Bryant's hobbies?

well oviously Kobe's favorte hobby is of course basketball but Kobe also loves swimming with his family at his pool in his house. well oviously Kobe's favorte hobby is of course basketball but Kobe also loves swimming with his family at his pool in his house.

What is that shirt under Kobe Bryant's Jersey?

He wears the sleeveless version of the Nike Ultimate Ignition V-neck top, which features a seamless, dynamic fit and engineered/zoned cooling. 75% polyester/14% nylon/11% spandex. Imported.. http://www.niketraining.co.kr/#. http://www.eastbay.com/catalog/productdetail/model_nbr--92268/sku--8422801 (MORE)

What size are Kobe Bryant's feet?

Kobe Bryant wears size 14 so i heard. i also heard he gets them custom made cuz hiz feet 2 big lol. note 2 tell.......... thiz iz all heard from a 11 year old black gurll.

Who are Kobe Bryant's family members?

his family members names are Joe Bryant(Father), Pam Bryant(Mother), John 'Chubby' Cox(Uncle), Sharia Bryant-Washington(Sister), and Shaya Bryant(Sister)

What is Kobe Bryant's official fan cell phone number?

No Number Known No official fan cell phone number for Kobe Bryant is known at this time. It's very possible that he does not have one. If one becomes known, it will be posted in this answer. Please note that personal contact information, including cell phone numbers, email addresses, home addre (MORE)

When was Kobe Bryant's first game?

Kobe Bryant played his first official NBA game on November 3, 1996. Bryant played six minutes, attempted one field goal attempt (which he missed), grabbed one rebound and blocked one shot.

If your cousin has a baby will it be your second cousin?

There are different systems used to describe these types of relationships, but your first cousin's baby would usually be referred to as your first cousin, once removed. Your child, and your first cousin's child, would be second cousins to each other.

Is your second cousin's cousin your cousin?

Some of your second cousin's cousins could be your cousins, andsome would not be. It depends on whether or not your cousin'scousins are on your side of the family or not. Most people have both maternal and paternal cousins. If you arecousins with this person on their maternal side, then all cousins (MORE)

Is your second cousin your cousin?

Yes, your second cousin is a cousin. A cousin is someone descended from the brother or sister of one of your ancestors. A first cousin is a child of your parent's sibling; a second cousin is a grandchild of your grandparent's sibling, and so forth.

What was Kobe Bryant's PPG in 2004-2005?

Kobe Bryant's averages in the 2004-2005 NBA season were: . 27.6 PPG . 5.9 RPG . 6.0 APG . 1.3 SPG . 0.8 BPG . 4.1 TPG . 40.7 MPG . .433 FG% . .339 3FG% . .816 FT%

Are you a second cousin to your second cousin?

Yes. The cousin relationship is always reciprocal. If you have a second cousin, you are that person's second cousin. If you have a third cousin twice removed, you are that person's third cousin twice removed.

Is your second cousin your cousin's cousin?

Not necessarily. First cousins have grandparents in common, where second cousins have great-grandparents in common. Your cousin will have cousins who are also your cousins (first, second, removed of various degrees, etc) but will also have cousin who are not related to you. Another way to think o (MORE)

What is Kobe Bryant's obstacles?

His penis, it's too heavy so he can't run as fast or jump as high with it. He has recently undergone surgery to have it shortened so he will be back at the top very soon.

How did Kobe Bryant's parents make Kobe Bryant a superstar?

Kobe's dad was a nba player and his uncles were too Kobe, when he lived in France (i think its France or Italy more France maybe) Kobe watched jerry west, magic Johnson, karreem Abdul jabbar, and wilt chamberlain do their moves and then Kobe tried to do those same moves like the sky hook

Did Kobe Bryant's wife file for divorce?

Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa filed for divorce on December 16, 2011, and they reportedly had settled the issues involved. The courts will settle the case in early 2012.