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Kronos was the titan lord in Greek mythology. There was a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him. To try and prevent this, he ate all of his children. His wife, Rhea, was very angry and hid and secretly raised one of his sons, giving him a rock to eat instead. The son was Zeus. Zeus over threw him and cut off his head. There all of the Olympian Gods came out fully matured. Kronos was then banished into the pit of Tartarous and the gods ruled in his place. The gods do not know who will ruled the sky sea or hell. Zeus decided to pick a stick the one who pick the long stick rule sky, the middle stick ruled sea, and the smaller stick rule hell. Of course Zeus got the long stick, Poseidon got the middle stick and Hades got the smallest stick.

Kronos was the lord of the titans, a giantlike race, according to Greek Mythology. He killed his father with his sickle. After hearing a prophecy that he would be overthrown by one of his own children, he ate all but one, Zeus. Rhea, the mother of the consumed children, wished to keep her babies, and fed him a rock instead of Zeus. After growing up and maturing, Zeus tricked Kronos into having a laxitive. Kronos threw up his five undigested children (these were Hades [underworld], Posiedon [sea, earthquakes, horses, etc.], Demeter [harvest, plants, etc.], Hera[marraige, queen of gods, Zeus's wife] and Hestia [hearth{kept people warm, an important necessity}]), who grew up instantly. Zeus (sky, king of gods, etc.) and the "New Gods," with a few Titan allies (such as Prometheus) waged war upon the Titans, which ended after Zeus decapitated (beheaded) Kronos and cut him into millions of pieces (he was HUGE). From Kronos's blood sprang the Erinyes (Furies) and, from the drop that landed in the ocean, Aphrodite (goddess of love). Zeus scattered the remains of Kronos into the deepest pit of Tartarus (Cristian #e!!).
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Whom was eaten by Kronos?

SonsPhoseidonhades DaughtersDemeaterHesatiaHera Zeus was the only one who did not get eaten by Kronos he was the one who got his brothers and sisters out of his stomach by cr

Does Percy defeat Kronos?

No, he doesn't. Luke is still alive in Kronos's body, fighting him. At the end of the war, Luke comes to his senses. He takes control of the body for a moment, and in that mom

Who is the son of kronos?

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are sons of Kronos. Kronos swallowed Poseidon and Hades, but Rhea hid Zeus from Kronos. Zeus later tricked Kronos into vomiting up Poseidon and Hades

Does Percy Jackson kill Kronos?

Not exactly. Kronos is inside Luke's body. And Luke becomes himself just long enough to stab his "Achilles heel" and therefore causing himself to die, and Kronos to disappear

Who is Kronos in The Odyssey?

Kronos is the Father of Zeus and his five siblings. (Also written Cronus).

How did Nico say to fight Kronos?

Although it is not stated clearly in the book on what Nico's plan to defeat Kronos is, there is a few hints if you 'read between the lines'. Nico's plan is understood to be th

Is Athena the daughter of Kronos or Zeus?

The goddess Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis. Since Zeus is the son of Kronos, Athena is Kronos' granddaughter.

Who were Kronos' rivals?

The Gods

Is there a company called Kronos Heaven?

sorry,,,if im mistaken,,i know u want to find your IDEAL BOYFRIEND....its a company of the absolute boyfriend manga series made by yuu watase... lol...and its part of her imag

What did Kronos look like?

Kronos is the youngest of the Titans, and the son of Ouranos and  Gaea. The Spanish artist Goya portrayed Kronos as wild-eyed with a  wide beard across his face.

How did kronos die?

he never died

Who are Kronos' allies?

  They are monsters, half bloods, and mortals (humans) that he has summoned and put under his spell.

Who killed kronos?

  His son Zeus because Krono's wife wanted her babies back so she hid Zeus. When Zeus grew up, He avenged his brothers and sisters death by killing His Father. Actually I