Who is Paloma montenegro?

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Paloma Montenegro es una niña de San Juan PR ella tiene 9 años y tiene una hermana de 6 años Carolina
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Where is Montenegro?

Answer Montenegro is located in the Balkans or southeastern Europe along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro is a country located in Southeastern Europe . It has a

What is the vegetation in montenegro?

The vegetation in Montenegro is made up of mostly vascular plants.There are different species of plants that are found in themountainous regions of Montenegro.

What is the population of Montenegro?

Roughly 673,000, according to a census poll in 2010. It is 687,763 according to trueknowledge.com, which has been extrapolated from surveys in 2009 and 2011. Main ethnic g

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When did Montenegro get independence?

Yes, in 2006 it was recognised as a independent state from federal republic of Serbia and Montenegro. After that the federal republic of Serbia and Montenegro was renamed to r