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In 1997 Tosco acquires Unocal did the agreement include the transfer of the employees retirement plan?

  No.   However, when Union Oil Company of California sold the west coast refining and marketing operations to Tosco, additional terms and conditions were agreed to by

Can asking an employee when she plans to retire be seen as age discrimination?

That depends. Feeling harassed or discriminated against due to age is subjective and varies by individual. The best an employer can due is ask the question under reasonable ci

What is an employee insurance participating plan?

An employee insurance participating plan is one where the employees  of a certain company can put money into their insurance, regardless  of how much is paid by the employer

What is Employee Assistant Plan?

  Answer   An Employee Assistance Plan is an employee benefit that covers all or part of the cost for employees to receive counseling, referrals, and advice in deali

Which company offers 403b retirement plans?

"Some of the insurance companies that offer 403 (b) retirement plans are Metlife, Nationwide, and Chase. 403 (b) plans are available through some employers."

What is a 401 k retirement plan?

it is a retirement plan wherein employees have a right to agree to a reduction in salary in exchange for a comparable employer contribution to a qualified trust. The amount de

What are the Advantages of tax deferred retirement plans?

  Answer   First off, there are very few, if any, disadvantages.   Advantages include the basic concept that paying taxes later, in this case frequently much late

Is there a retirement plan for wedding planners?

  Answer   No probably not, because being a wedding planner is chiefly a self employed job you would need to set up your own retirement plan with a bank, or with a r

Where can you learn how to plan for retirement?

Many businesses are out there with the purpose of helping people prepare for retirement. Talking to one of these retirement companies will give you a good basis of knowing how