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Shane Dawson is a YouTuber who posts funny videos for his audience. He was born July 19th 1988 and is a Cancer. His dad left when he was young. He has a brother who has a YouTube account. His mother and aunt and cousin also appear in several videos. He used to be very overweight, something he talks about in many of his videos. He made his first YouTube account in March 2008 which is called ShaneDawsonTV and that is for all his 'main' videos with his characters and such, and he has made a second account too- ShaneDawsonTV2, and this channel is for random vlogs that he posts often. It's also used for stuff like his Viewer Orgy Party (he doesn't do VOP all that often now but it's still fun). He shares very personal information with his audience on his videos a lot, such as informing his fans that he is a virgin and he intends to stay that way until marriage. He also got an iPhone and created another channel for any videos filmed on his iPhone (shane). He comes 3rd in the most globally subscribed too. He is a renowned YouTube celebrity and currently lives in California. His real second name isn't Dawson, he used that as a catchy YouTube name- he adapted it from Jack Dawson from Titanic, which his is a big fan of. His real last name is Yaw. This is also why he does a Dawson's Creek parody.

He has won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star as well as Best Vlogger for the Steamy Awards in 2010. Go Shane!

He has many characters that everyone loves - Ned, Shanaynay, S. Deezy, Mom, Emo Brother, Emo Boyfriend and Girlfriend (played by Brittani Louise Taylor, also a famous YouTuber and a good friend of Shane's) and their Emo Baby, Aunt Hilda, Dawson's Creek characters, Miley Cyrus and people associated with her, and several more. He is also an animal lover and owns two cats - Muffins and Snoop - and three dogs - a corgi called Miley, a corgi called Chocolate (the most recent edition to his pet family- Chocolate has only appeared in a few videos) and a golden retriever called Charlie.
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Where is Shane Dawson from?

You can go to his YouTube accounts- ShaneDawsonTV, ShaneDawsonTV2 or shane. He also has Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and appears on U-Stream. He lives in California. Actually,

What is Shane dawson?

Shane Dawson is a YouTube guy who is very funny, look him up. Shane Dawson is not a 'what'. He is known for making comedy videos featuring himself in many of the roles, usi

What is Shane Dawsons email?

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Is Shane Dawson a virgin?

Yes, he is waiting for marrige first. WHAT A SWEET PERSON! He said he was in one of his videos, The Birds And The Bees, that he is a virgin. And in another that he IS waiti
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Who is Shane dawson dating 2011?

He was(and still is) dating Lisa Schwartz aka Lisbug, sinceDecember 21st 2011. I really hope they get married soon, at leastnext year D:
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Who is Shane dawson number one fan?

i am Shane Dawson number one fan i know his real name is Shane yaw and i know his phone number and i love his videos and i by his t shirts