Who is Stupid Little Genius on WikiAnswers?

Stupid Little Genius is a Senior Supervisor, Senior Mentor, Wiki Reviewer, Wiki Guide, Bug Catcher, Vandal Patrol, WIT Adult Advisor, Double Platinum Contributor and she is the one who coordinates Special Project Assistant program here on WikiAnswers.
Apart from those listed above, she is a gifted artist and a wonderful person with a beautiful heart!

Please check her profile (in the related links) if you are interested to join the SPA program.
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You said that you "make-believe" that you are the characters that you play. How did you prepare for the role of Bruce Wayne, how did you "get into his shoes"?

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What is stupidity?

Stupidity can mean either a lack of mental ability, having mental ability but never using it, or a lack of common sense even where intellectual ability is present.E.g. "Profes (MORE)

IQ of a genius?

The IQ of a genius is 140 and up. If you are in 140 or 150s, you are kind of and almost a genius. If you are higher, YOU ARE A GENIUS!
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Was Hitler a genius?

Opinions from contributors: Adolf Hitler never took a legitimate standardized IQ test. No credible academic source would attribute an IQ score to him for this reason. However, (MORE)
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How you can be genius?

you can become a genius by mastering analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. and mastering how to use those three skills in everything you do.
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Why are you not a genius?

are brain cant possibly hold all the info in the worldTo become a genius you must be determined to know the unknown and question how everything works around you :)
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What is Genius for the iPhone?

There are many applications that you can use for entertainment on your Apple iPhone. A lot of great features are accessible besides the apps that come standard. You may not ev (MORE)

Navigating Your Next Apple Appointment

When your Apple device is not working properly, you can make an appointment to bring it to the nearest store. The genius bar offers hands-on technical support to help your dev (MORE)

Who is WikiAnswers?

Wikk Yancers was born in 1974, he was the child of Yauu Yancers and Jeeves Yancers. Like his parents, he dreamed of a society in which people could ask others questions. He us (MORE)

What is Genius Intelligence?

"Lewis Terman (1916) developed the original notion of IQ and proposed this scale for classifying IQscores:Over 140 - Genius or near genius120 - 140 - Very superior intelligenc (MORE)

Is Mozart a genius?

He was not tested using modern testing techniques, so it is hard to say what his IQ was. However, given he started composing music at the age of 5, it would be difficult for a (MORE)

What is the difference between a genius and genius?

A genius is a person whose unique perspective enables them  to do what can't be taught. Mozart wrote music that people of equal  training could never hope to. Genius is a qu (MORE)