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Stupid Little Genius is a Senior Supervisor, Senior Mentor, Wiki Reviewer, Wiki Guide, Bug Catcher, Vandal Patrol, WIT Adult Advisor, Double Platinum Contributor and she is the one who coordinates Special Project Assistant program here on WikiAnswers.
Apart from those listed above, she is a gifted artist and a wonderful person with a beautiful heart!

Please check her profile (in the related links) if you are interested to join the SPA program.
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What is the difference between genius and most genius?

Everything. The difference between genius is the innovation and inventions, inventing something new takes imagination and deep thought, innovation takes a whole other thing, w (MORE)

What is the IQ of a genius?

130+! 129-120 High Superior. 119-110 Gifted. 109-100 Average. 99-0 Below Average. Answer 75 years ago, it was common to equate "genius" with a very high IQ, typically one that (MORE)

Was Hitler a genius?

Opinions from contributors: Adolf Hitler never took a legitimate standardized IQ test. No credible academic source would attribute an IQ score to him for this reason. However, (MORE)
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What is Genius for the iPhone?

There are many applications that you can use for entertainment on your Apple iPhone. A lot of great features are accessible besides the apps that come standard. You may not ev (MORE)

What is the plural of genius?

That's a good question. As you may or may not know, there is some disagreement and controversy over the proper plural of the noun genius.   In most cases, one can acceptabl (MORE)

What are the signs of a genius?

Extraordinay ability or talent. Uses logic. And, frequently,  arrogance or disdain towards others.    The previous statement is not only untrue, but unfair as well. I  (MORE)

Who is genius of the weather?

  Answer   Here's what I found in Wikipedia: Genius...   In Ancient Rome, the genius was the guiding or "tutelary" spirit of a person, or even of an entire gens. A (MORE)

What is a computer genius?

  A person who is extremely proficient or knowledgeable in regards to the subject of computers. Examples might include Florian Heidenreich, who programmed the excellent M (MORE)

Navigating Your Next Apple Appointment

When your Apple device is not working properly, you can make an appointment to bring it to the nearest store. The genius bar offers hands-on technical support to help your dev (MORE)
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The 10 Greatest Movies About Geniuses

"Good Will Hunting" accomplished several things for the people who made it: it launched the careers of both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, it proved the versatility of (MORE)