Who is Zambia's richest man?

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1. Rajan Matan
2. Hanson Sindowe
3.Enock Kavindele
4.Lawrence Sikutwa
5.Costain Chilala
6.Dr JB Zulu
7.Mulawo Mwanza
8.Hakainde Hichilema
9.Geofrey Mwamba

10.Mulenga Mikalile
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Who is the richest man in the US?

Bill Gates is the richest man in US with 54 billion dollars. the second richest is Warren Buffet, and third is Larry Ellison

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In Iraq

Who is the richest man in Iraq?

Faruk Mula Mustafa is the richest man. He established the first telephone line in Iraq, Sulaimani.

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