Why is 'television' called TV?

\n. \n Greek \n. \nTele is Greek for 'far' which is why we have tele-phone and tele-vision.\n. \nVision because we watch it. with our VISION.\n. \nReally the question (MORE)

Who are the radio-television announcers past-present for the Cleveland Indians?

All of the Cleveland Indians' television announcers either still currently announcing the games for the Indians on TV or having done so in the past are Matt Underwood, Rick Ma (MORE)

What do you need to do in college to be a radio or a tv presenter?

A great broadcasting school is key to getting a head start on a broadcasting career. You'll want to choose a braodcasting school that offers hands-on training, so you'll learn (MORE)

What do you call a person who reads out information on radio and television?

If the person only reads what is given them, without remark oreditorializing, then that person is an Announcer. If the personreads the given material and also adds supplementa (MORE)
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A melodramatic serial drama on television or radio is called a?

It's called a "soap opera", or nowadays, simply a "soap". That label comes from the days when their audiences consisted almost entirely of house-wives, who were of course (MORE)