Who is better dick or dom?

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Dom is because he's more funny! :D
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Why did they stop dick and dom?

People thought it was childish. I don't think they wanted to quit. :( i liked it a lot and thought in was really funny and i was about ten then

Why did Dick and Dom in the bungalow stop?

I think it was because viewers were complaining, because it was rude or something. Or it might of been that people stopped watching it so they didnt have many viewers watching

Are dick and dom from cbbc gay?

Unless a public statement has been made and is known to us, Wikianswers does not speculate on the sexual orientation of any individual.
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Are dick and dom dead?

Dick and Dom are NOT dead. They are in a show right now called The Legend Of Dick And Dom.
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Do dick and dom have lots of programes?

Yes, I don't know if they have any other shows but they are in about 5 shows just on the CBBC channel. . They are the 2 sons of the king in 'The Legend of Dick and Dom'.