Who is Bob Rosenschein?

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The American-Israeli entrepreneur and founder of Answers.com

Who is Bob Dole?

A farm boy, decorated WWII veteran, long-time Senator from Kansas,Republican candidate for President in 1996.

Who is Bob Barker?

Answer . Bob Barker is an American gameshow host to the longest running gameshow in history. It's called "The Price Is Right". He's also been featured on the comedy film "Happy Gilmore" as himself.. He is now retired from the game show The Price Is Right.

Who is Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan is an amazing singer/songwriter. He is in 1 movie called masked and anonymous. He has many songs. My father who is a big fan has been to 217 concerts of his!

Who is bob engelman?

He is a producer of several films including The Mask, Scooby Doo and Mystery Men. He also goes by Robert Engelman.

Who was Bob Marley?

Bob Marley (Robert Nesta Marley February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981) was a Jamaican reggae songwriter and musician born in Nine Mile, Jamaica, and the leader of a group called the Wailers. The group performed mainly Reggae songs such as "I Shot the Sheriff" - "No Woman No Cry" and " Could you be love (MORE)

Who is Bob Woodward?

He was an assistant managing editor of The Washington Post who helped uncover the Watergate Scandal that led to President Richard Nixon's resignation..

Who is bob ross?

Bob Ross was a artist who painted mostly landscape and nature. He assembled the various components into a beautiful picture.

What about Bob?

The psychiatrist thinks that Bob is the crazy one. See link below. WHAT ABOUT BOB? What about Bob? I was wondering the same thing. He went to the hardware store and never came back.

Who is Bob Seger?

Bob Seger was born at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and lived in the area until age 6 when his family moved to the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. When Seger was 10 years old, his father left the family and moved to California. Seger attended Tappan Middle School and Ann Arbor High School (MORE)

Who is Bob Geldof?

Bob Geldof is a singer and an ex member of the Boomtown Rats and isfamous for his charity and campaigning work. Fifi Trixibelle,Peaches (died 7th April 2014) and Pixie Geldof are his daughters.He also has an adopted daughter named Tiger.

Should it be 'me and Bob' or 'Bob and I'?

It depends on what function the phrase is playing in the sentence. If the two of you are the subject of the sentence, you would use "Bob and I," for example: Bob and I are going to the movies.. If you're the direct object, you'd use "Bob and me" or "me and Bob": The committee greeted Bob and me. (MORE)

Where is Bob hodges?

he lives under the sea in a yellow submarine living on tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches . Or maybe he's visiting his aunt Martha, I've heard she cooks a mean bacon omelet.

What does bob plus bob equal?

2 bobs Well the mathematical theory is that Bob+Bob = 2Bob But the common sense theory is in fact Bob+Bob = BillyBobJoe

Who is Bob Barr?

Bob Barr is former republican house member from Georgia who gained national attention as one of the first to push for President William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment. He was also a leader in Ronald Reagans war on drugs. He is now running for president as the libertarian candidate.

Is bob married?

Gibson is father to three children; daughters Annette and Renee with his first wife Charline, and son Chris with his second wife Wendy

Who is Bob Hayes?

He was a Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys (1965-74) and the San Francisco 49ers (1975). He also was a two-time Olympic gold medalist once considered to be "the world's fastest man." After his successes in track and field events at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Hayes was drafte (MORE)

What is bob doubles?

bob doubles is the pealing of bells by the bell ringers pulling ropes in a sequence. Each ringer has a number and ringing the bells in different number orders creates songs or peals.

What is a spounge bob?

SpongeBob is an animated character that appears on the cartoon,SpongeBob SquarePants. The cartoon first premiered on May 1, 1999.

How do you get a bob?

you go to the hair dressers and get your hair cutt off or you can get a brother named bob XD

Why did Bob Marley go by bob?

Bob Marley went by many names growing up. However, how he started going by Bob is when he went to the United States the first time, the person who was filling out his passport said that Bob Marley should not go by Nesta ( Bobs real name is actually Nesta Robert Marley.) because it would be taken as (MORE)

Who invented the bobness of bob?

I did hehehehehehehehehehe Holly Rankin and Claire Barton and Hayley Steven along with Holly I did hehehehehehehehehehe Holly Rankin and Claire Barton and Hayley Steven along with Holly

It is between Bob and you or you and Bob?

Between Bob and I. The speaker always identifies the other person first, then himself. The only time it doesn't matter is when the sentence is about Bob and John. If you are speaking in the first person, then you must identify your corespondent first.

Why did Bob Rosenschein found Answers?

Bob Rosenschein founded Answers.com because he was seeking to organize information that was available but difficult to get to, and make it easy to find - for free.

How was bob from The Outsiders?

Bob- one of the main socs. Boy friend of cherry and got killed by johnny. Best friend with randy. Have a good side of him to says randy and cherry.

Why Bob and her and not Bob and she?

Both terms can be correct depending on the use. At an early age, we have it drummed into us to say "Bob and I" or "Bob and she". It is not always correct. Compare these sentences: We would not say "Her walked towards me" but "She walked towards me" is correct. If Bob is with her, the sentence will (MORE)

What hairstyles can you do with a bob?

You can do almost basically any hairstyle with a bob, you can wear it in a ponytail (if its not to short) you can have brided pigtails, u can curl it, u can have wavy hair (like if u put it in a bun at night) or basically anything else...or u can just wear it down and straightend

Who is Bob pindle?

Is a test creation created in 1973. he was made by a scientist named Jose lee Pindle in new York. Bob pindle is like robot with human actions. His real name is Robert but bob was his nickname. He was 0riginaly called, M-36w2. Robert Pindle was destroyed about 13 years ago from today. Nobody knows wh (MORE)

Who is bob in The Outsiders?

Bob Sheldon was Cherry Valance's Boy friend, and he is a Social or a "soc" as the greasers call him. Bob is 18, he has black hair, and he is "everything" to Cherry. He jumos Johnny and Ponyboy after they "pick up" Bob and Randy's Girls. Johnny Kills Bob while he is drowning Ponyboy.

Nothing on You Bob?

Nothin' On You Lyrics beautiful girls all over the world i could be chasing but my time would be wasted they got nothing on you baby nothing on you baby they might say hi and i might say hey but you shouldn't worry about what they say cause they got nothing on you baby nothing on y (MORE)

When did the bob come about?

The modern woman's bob first appeared on redheaded women in France about 1905, in 1914 a famous dancer cut her hair in a bob which popularized the cut. By 1915, bobbed hair women were showing up in magazines, by 1918 some movie stars (Alla Nazimova for one) were on magazine covers with bobs and by t (MORE)

Who is Bob munchken?

bob is a big stupid wookie from the planet your mom are you on crack my friend

Who is Bob sparrow?

a Technology Executive with over 15 years experience in technology management in the financial, insurance and technology services industries. Successfully directed the planning, design, and implementation of numerous projects, activities, and organizational changes. Consistent record of excellence i (MORE)

Who is Bob Lemmons?

He was a famous African-American cowboy who was an expert at herding mustangs. Probably the most famous African-American Cowboy along with Nat Love. he was verty good with animals

Who is Bob Danierla?

He is an international author who has written two novels "Habiba my Habiba" based on HIV aids and "Death of the Oracle" based mainly on the despair economic and social life in Central Africa , where he is originally from.

What is the bob of a pendulum?

The bob is the weight at the end of the pendulum. For example, in a grandfather clock the ball at the end of the stick is the bob.

What made Bob Rosenschein make this site?

He wanted to create a great information content site that could answer questions about anything. The overall Answers.com site evolved in several stages over a few years. First came a reference product, now known as ReferenceAnswers.com, which was launched under the name Answers.com in January (MORE)

Is Bob an adjective?

Bob is a name that is commonly given to children. some people disrespect the name and make fun of Bob. Although it is not an adjective it can be used todescribes some things in particular

Bob the builder?

Bob the builder is a kids T.V star, who has his own show. He and his trucks build or fix anything that needs it. His trucks are "alive", they can talk and move on there own. You may have heard the song "Bob the builder, can we fix it? Bob the builder, Yes We Can!!!" All and all, he is a person fro (MORE)

What day and month did Robert Rosenschein create Answers.com?

Answers.com, the company, formerly named GuruNet, was incorporated on January 3, 1999. Answers.com, the product, was announced on January 2, 2005. Later that year, 2005, the company was officially renamed, too, to Answers Corporation (NASDAQ:ANSW).

What is a bob?

There are many definitions, a bob can be: . A haircut . To move ones head . Part of a pendulum . The tied tail of a horse. . A short line - of a poem. . The runner on a sled. . A UK coin worth 5 pence. . A light hat - in infantry or fishing. . A type of bean . the word All - In Welsh . (MORE)

What did bob do to Ponyboy?

Bob, Randy, and a couple other Socs were drunk that night. Johnny and Ponyboy were at the park and they saw the blue Mustang drive up the gravel road. Johnny got scared so he pulled out his switch blade. They made short conversation, then Ponyboy spit on Bob and the Socs ran after Johnny and Pony. O (MORE)

Do you say 'he and Bob' or 'him and Bob'?

It would depend on the sentence. Use "He and Bob" any place you would use "he" and "Him and Bob" any place you would use Him... Examples: "He and Bob went to the store." "I gave it to Him and Bob." Although it is more common to say the name before the pronoun, as in "Bob and him".

Who Bob Marley is?

Jamaican singer who's most famous song is three little birds lyrics: don't worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright

How do you clean bobs?

Get some universal shoe cleaner and a brush. Or you can stick them in a pillow case and run them in the washing machine.

Where can you buy bobs?

If you are looking for BOBS you are an idiot. Buy TOMS instead.Thay were made first in 2006 and BOBS in 2010. if you dont knowwhat Toms are, look em up and see how much they copied them. Youcan buy TOMS at "journeys" or online. you are welcome.

Who is bob Mondo?

Mondo Bobo is the name of a Croatian film from 1997. Goran Rusinovic was the director.

What are bob?

In Britain, it's a slang term for a schilling. In the field of physics, it's the weight at the end of a pendulum.