Who is comte mede de sivrac?

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Comte Mede de Sivrac was a French inventor who came up with the celerifere bicycle in 1790. This particular bicycle had no pedals, no steering, and had four tires.

When did Comte Mede de Sivrac die?

Date of Deathof Mede de Sivrac Mede de Sivrac invented the bicycle in 1791. Nothing else is known about the man, not even when he was born or died. This is probably because h

When was Comte mede de sivrac born and when did he die?

Le Comte Mede de Sivrac was a fictitious personnage that wascreated by a French journalist in 1891. He could have neither areal birthdate nor a real date of death! Please see

Comte Mede de Sivrac?

The prototype of the bicycle was invented by French craftsman,Comte Mede De Sivrac, in the 1790's. He called his vehicle theCelerifere or Velocifere.

How did comte de mirabeau die?

Henri Guillemin always said he died "between two whores" as "afterall, one dies as one can". Here's an extract from an online book: "Inearly 1791, he conveniently died at a