Who is covered under homeowners insurance?

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A "Named Insured" or "Insured" should defined by the policy and listed in the Definitions section of your policy. Generally it is the person listed on the declarations page, and permanent residenants of your household.
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Is a cracked foundation covered under basic homeowners insurance or will your house be condemned?

Cracked Foundation . A cracked foundation is rarely if ever a reason for a home to be condemned. . Answer . I suggest you consult a structural engineer to assess your foundation. Under most circumstances there will not be any coverage available for a cracking or cracked foundation. An engineer ca (MORE)

Is a roof covered under homeowners insurance?

Answer . \nFor damages from storms or weather related issues, sometimes from accidents such as your neighbor's tree limb crashing onto it, although it some cases it might be the neighbor's responsibility. However, a roof is not covered by homeowner's insurance if it is a matter of replacement or (MORE)

Does homeowner insurance cover plumbing?

If the plumbing burst and casues damage, yes. In other words, say your water heater goes and pours water all over the floor. The damage to the floors and items in your basement will be covered. Keep in mind that placing claims brings you closer to having your policy canceled. Do it wisely! Here's (MORE)

What does homeowners insurance cover?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe basic structure of a homeowners policy looks like this: \n. \n• Coverage A: Dwelling - protects the structure of your home and other structures attached to it. The basic homeowners insurance policy pays you in case of any damage due to fire, and severe storms. (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation?

Home building insurance will generally cover everything that forms part of the building, including the foundation. You need to ensure that you have your home insured for enough to completely rebuild your house if it was completely destroyed. Most insurance companies will have a provision for removal (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover fences?

Yes, unless otherwise stipulated in your policy, In General, a Home Owners Insurance Policy will cover certain other permanent structures on your residential property incuding fences.

Does homeowners insurance cover termites?

No Homeowners ins. does not protect you from termite damage. You would have to have a contract with a termite company that is insured and the warranty would have to be a re treatment and repair policy. Treatment is required for this warranty however and normally cost between 600-1500 dollars.

If homeowner dies does homeowner insurance cover it?

Homeowners insurance covers the house itself should it be damaged. Many of the policies include liability insurance so that if anyone is injured there you have protection. There are some types of mortgage insurance that cover the remaining mortgage should the owner die. But, if the lender does not r (MORE)

Does homeowner insurance cover mold?

Generally not. Insurers take the position that mold grows over a period of time and is not the sudden and unexpected occurrence that insurance normally covers. Recent policies have express exclusions for mold coverage. However, if mold is found in the course of repair of a covered loss (for exampl (MORE)

Is your ac unit covered under my homeowners insurance?

no. an air conditioner is a household appliance the same as a washer or dryer. however there are service contracts available to cover all these major appliances which is really insurance. prices vary by appliance and age

Is a fence covered by homeowners insurance?

Fences are covered by policies that have Other Structure coverage (most do) but they are covered on an Actual Cash Value basis, not Replacement Cost. Basically, you'll get a depreciated amount for your damaged fence.

Does homeowners insurance cover electrical?

It is not meant to be a maintenance policy of the home. If your electrical is broken from wear and tear then it usually wouldn't be covered. If there is a random occurrence and it causes other damage then there may be coverages afforded.

Does homeowners insurance cover tenants?

No, your homeowners insurance does not cover tenants nor any oftheir property or liabilities. actually, the presence of tenantswithout the presence of an owner can void all coverage and nullifythe homeowners insurance policy. If the occupancy status of your home changes, contact your agent. Leased (MORE)

Are water leaks covered under homeowners insurance?

It depends on what caused the leak, Fire? Wind? Hail Storm? Tornado?,, Yes it would be covered. Old leaky or broken pipe? you just need a plumber, that would benormal and expected maintenance not covered under homeownershazard.

Is mold covered under homeowners insurance?

Call your Insurance Agent, he or she should be able to advise you of your coverage. You could also refer to your policy language and look for the terms "Mold or Fungi". Bare in mind that many homeowners policies now exclude coverage for mold or fungi unless you opted to purchase additional cov (MORE)

Does your homeowner insurance cover if a skunk sprays under your house?

Home Insurance for Skunk Vandal? No. A skunk is not a vandal. it is a pest and this is a maintenance issue. If your home foundation is properly skirted and vented a skunk could not get under it. Also a skunk odor is a temporary odor that will dissipate usually in a few days or a week or two at (MORE)

Is your deck covered on homeowners insurance?

If you have additional or other structures coverage on your home insurance policy and the deck was damaged by a covered peril such as wind, hail, lightning, etc then you should have coverage for the deck subject to your deductible. If your deck is simply worn from the expected usual wear and tear (MORE)

Will homeowners insurance cover a roof?

Yes, If your roof was damaged by a covered peril on your Home Insurance Policy then you have coverage. If your roof is just old and is due for a replacement then that is part of the home owners maintenance responsibilities and is not covered under your policy. Roofs occasionally have to be rep (MORE)

Will homeowners insurance cover a television?

Honestly, it depends. It depends on the type of policy you have and it depends on the type of loss. Was the TV hit by lightning? Might be covered. Did the TV just stop working because the kids poured soda over it? Not covered. Many times, a TV would fall below the deductible amount, so it would not (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover floods?

Flood Insurance No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Floods in the United States. You will need to purchase a separate Flood Insuurance Policy for your home to be covered for a Flood.

Does homeowners insurance cover dishwashers?

If Your dishwasher is just malfunctioning and needs a repair man then NO, Your home Insurance Policy does not cover Appliance Maintenance. A good home insurance policy should in fact cover damages to your home caused by a dishwasher if you have coverage on your policy for Water Damage, But it (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover leveling?

Homeowners insurance generally does not provide coverage for settling. This is considered a natural and expected occurrence over time. However depending on the age and purchase date of your home. You may have coverage for such issues under your Home Buyers warranty that would have been purchased (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover trampolines?

Typically Trampolines and resulting injuries are not covered under your homeowners insurance policies. Most companies automatically exclude coverage for damages and injuries arising from the ownership of a trampoline. Most companies will also schedule your home insurance policy for cancellation i (MORE)

Is your well covered under homeowners insurance?

Contact your insurance agent. If you have additional structures coverage and your well meets the definition of an additional covered structure on your policy you may have coverage. Bear in mind that additional structures will be covered for the same perils as your main structure. Typical perils a (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover collectibles?

If you have scheduled the collectible items with your insurance company on your policy and paid the required additional premium then they are covered, otherwise they are not covered. Other items that are not covered under a homeowners insurance policy unless scheduled are; fine jewelry, antiques, f (MORE)

What does homeowners liability insurance cover?

It covers your negligent actions anywhere in the world as well if someone sues you your laibility coverage will kick in and they will defend you. There are some other coverages in there as well but would need to see policy as all are different

Does your homeowners insurance cover reconstruction?

It depends on what level of insurance you purchased. Some policies are based on Replacement Valuation and will pay tocompletely rebuild the home in the event of a covered loss. Otherpolicies are based on ACV or Depreciated value and may not provideenough coverage for reconstruction. It just depend (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance covers upgrades?

No. If you have a loss the company will replace damaged items with same kind and quality. If you want to upgrade the eg. carpet or cabinets you will have to pay the additional cost yourself.

Will homeowners insurance cover your fence?

The fence is covered. If the fence is attached to the house then it is considered part of the dwelling. If it is not attached to the house then it is considered part of other structures. In either case coverage depends completely on whether or not the damage was because of a covered cause and that i (MORE)

Does homeowner insurance cover hvac?

Your HVAC is covered under your homeowners insurance for the same perils as your home, such as Wind, Hail, Fire lightning etc and subject to the applicable deductibles. See your Home insurance policy for schedule of covered perils.

Does homeowners insurance cover murder?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property" coverage. Murder is a criminal offense and is not a covered peril under a home's property hazard insurance policy. Homeowners insurance does not provide liability coverage for criminal acts nor is it a replacement for a life or death insurance policy.

What does Texas homeowners insurance cover?

It really just depends on what type of policy and the scope ofcoverage you select. Typical perils covered are things like Fire, Wind, Hail, lightning,falling objects and many others. Talk with your Insurance Agent about risks you may face and theavailable coverages in your area.

Does homeowners insurance cover plumming?

Yes, Homeowners insurance can cover plumbing damage when caused by a covered peril such as lightning, fire, wind, hail freezing etc. Refer to your insurance policy for covered perils. If your plumbing is just old or stopped up then that would be an owners maintenance issue. Homeowners insurance d (MORE)

Are cellphones covered under homeowners insurance?

Cell phones are covered as are any other contents if damaged by a covered cause such as a fire. The problem is that all homeowners policies have deductibles. It is not adviseable to make small claims on homeowners policies. They are made for large issues such as a fire or other large claims.

Is broken pipe damage covered under homeowners insurance?

It depends on the insurance policy. You can always call your insurance agent and ask him or her to clarify your coverage. Just FYI - when it is covered, you are usually supposed to contact your insurance company ASAP when you discover the damage in order to start the claims process.