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Who is listed number 8 on the Forbes list of the richest American people?

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List of the richest people in the world?

    1. Bill Gates US$40,000,000,000   2. Warren Buffett US$37,000,000,000   3. Carlos Slim Helú US$35,000,000,

List of richest people in kenya?

According to RichestLifestyle these are the richest Kenyans:    1) Vimal Shah and Family (Net Worth $1.6 billion)     2) Uhuru Kenyatta (Net Worth $500 million)

Who is number 400 and the Forbes 400 list?

In November 2011 there are 412 US $ Based Billionaires in the United States of America. Forbes compiles and publishes of a rich list of the top 400. FORBES 2011 BILLIONA