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She is a Mexican woman who was arrested for cutting off her husband's penis after he raped her.
SHE is ECUADORIAN not Mexican!!!!!
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What became of lorraine bobbit?

  After the trial, Lorena was treated as a feminist "hero", though she attempted to keep a low profile and resumed the use of her maiden name. In December 1997, Lorena mad

Did Lorrainne Bobbit go to jail for her little chopping episode?

  (This was taken from Wikipedia)   No   Lorena was taken into custody.   During the trial, the couple revealed details of their volatile relationship and the

Who is Lorraine Kelly?

Lorraine Kelly (born November 30, 1959 in Glasgow) is a Scottish television presenter and journalist who has worked on various breakfast television shows in the United Kingdom

Who is Lorraine in hairspray?

The character Lorraine in Hairspray is one of the kids in  detention and in Maybelle's Record Shop. The character is a part of  at least four musical numbers.

Where is the Lorraine Hotel?

The Lorraine Hotel is located in Miami Beach, Florida, USA: 2601 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140
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Who is lorraine candy?

Lorraine Candy is the British Editor of Elle magazine, originated in France in 1945. Elle means 'she' in French.

Why is John Wayne Bobbit famous?

Short version...he's famous because his ex wife literally cut his manhood off...all of it. Lorena Bobbit is a bit more famous, given that she did it deliberately. He had it se