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I do not know...but I have just purchased a landscape with this signature and it
is well done! The person I bought it from was from Southern California. Please post if you find out anything! Thanks much ~ Cheryl
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What is oil paint?

Answer . \nOil paint is paint with an oil base. It cannot be removed with water, only turpentine or paint thinner will get rid of it.

Who is the artist of the oil painting daily bread man praying?

Eric Enstrom is the creator of the image, but he didn't paint it, he photographed it. It's a picture of Charles Wilden taken in the early 1900's. Eventually his daughter, Rhoda Nyberg, made copies of the original photograph in oil paint.. Source(s): . The actual name of this painting is "Grac (MORE)

Oil base paint is not allowed in California any more does this also inclube artist oil base paint?

I don't think the small tubes of oil based paint for artists, which are usually 2 or 4 ounces, are restricted by the v.o.c. numbers regulated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. If you don't get a MSDS when you buy it, you should not worry about it. Your only real concern should be i (MORE)

I have an oil painting of a country landscape with a house and it's signed by the artist Van Rich is there any information out there on this artist?

Did you ever find out the answer to your question? I too have an oil landscape signed VANRICH. The signature is in all capital letters. My parents received this from a relative when they moved into their first home in 1955 and as the story goes, it was apparently regifted, so there's no way to know (MORE)

Need info on an artist of oil paintings with the name Ruiz?

My Father has done many paintings distinctive dessert and some ocean some are signed some are not I know of a few that are abstract and even some demon and a Jesus painting. My father is still alive. All his paintings are oil. His name is Ernest Ruiz. you may contact me at mamnagel@msn.com

Where do you get oil paints?

Oil paints can be found at general retailers such as Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics. You can also find them at your local art store and many places online. There are also oil-based paints that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe's for more home uses, rather than art projects.

Oil painting artist?

There have been thousands of them. Practically all painters from the 1400s up to our time have used oil paint.

What does an artist paint on?

Most commonly on canvas. Board is also used. In earlier days wood panels or copper plates. Otherwise anything you like: glass, china, textiles, etc.

Why do artists use oil paints?

A lot of artists like oil paints because they are easy to mix together and take a while to dry so that gives you a long time to work on the painting and they last a long time and don't fade as badly in light as some other kinds of paint like watercolor paint.

What artists paint wine paintings?

Roger Light paints interesting still life paintings with wine in them. I think he has a blog or a web site. Another wine painter is Ted Mavanich.

Who is the artist of the oil painting daily bread woman praying?

Someone answered the Daily Bread Man Praying At Dinner question as Eric Enstrom is the creator of the image, but he didn't paint it, he photographed it. It's a picture of Charles Wilden taken in the early 1900's. Eventually his daughter, Rhoda Nyberg, made copies of the original photograph in (MORE)

Is oil or acrylic paint better for an artist?

Acrylic paints have the advantage of drying faster and a larger selection of premixed colours. Oil paints have the advantage of drying more slowly, allowing for techniques such as blending. Both mediums are wonderful for artists, depending on what you want.

Who is J Fuller the artist of oil painting of sea captain?

Who is J Fuller the artist of oil painting of sea captain?simular face. I was at an arts and crafts sale in Shreveport, La. in the mid 1970's. One of the booths had many paintings of seamen, woodsmen, and others. There was one painting of a Rabbi and I purchased it. The other faces had many views, (MORE)

Is it all right to give a painting a few layers of student quality oil paint and then paint artist quality oil paint over the top or is it better if I just use artist quality materials throughout?

Student quality oil paints tend to be less colour-fast, and of a lesser quality hence less durability. For lasting results and the best possible finish it is best to use artist quality paints throughout. The world is already losing major works of art to the ravages of time, and the deterioration o (MORE)

You are trying to find information on an oil painting by a German artist eberhard franke can any one help?

German born sculptor (brass) Eberhard Franke had a upstairs studio in Chippendale in early 1980's Sydney. There was a handcrafted weaver downstairs called Hans who was his friend. I knew Eberhard then. Believed to have moved to Berrima or Burradoo in southern highlands sometime after that. Intereste (MORE)

What European artist was the first to paint with oil on canvas?

Experiments had been made before, but usually Robert Campin (Master of Flémalle) is mentioned as the pioneer of oil painting. After him Jan van Eyck developed the use of oil. Painting on wood panel remained more common until the 16th century in Italy and the 17th century in Northern Europe. M (MORE)

Why do artists paint still life paintings?

For the same reason they paint landscapes, or people or whatever. There are many ways of making a painting that is beautiful, or expressive, or exciting, or scary, ...

What artist signed his oil paintings Almon?

This could be Almon(d) Baldwin, born in Connecticut in 1800, movedto Cincinnati, Ohio in 1814. He eventually became a landscape andmarine painter, and curator of the Wester Art Union (the forerunnerof the Cincinnati Art Museum) from 1847 to 1849. Sites I've foundstate that only two of his works have (MORE)

How much is a oil painting on canvas by m dovaston worth?

it depends,it can be anywere between £500 ($800) to £4,000 ($6,400),it just depends on the condition,the subject, all that sort of stuff. However, if I was you I would google either your local art gallery, art dealer, auction house e.ct. and ask them to give you a valuation.

What artist painted the 1900s painting 'The Kiss'?

"The Kiss" was painted by Gustav Klimt. The painting was painted some time between 1907 and 1908. Today, the painting can be found at the Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere museum, located in Vienna.

Which artists work with oil paintings?

Many famous artists have used oil to paint with. Some of theminclude: . Claude Monet . Vincent Van Gogh . Franz Marc For more artists, please refer to the related link.