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Who is Pam Geller?

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Pam Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas Shrugs.
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Who is Ross Geller?

Ross Geller is a fictional character on the television sit-comFriends, portrayed by David Schwimmer.

Who are Geller Geller Green Tribuaul and Bing?

do you mean geller geller greene tribbiani bing and buffay 'cos they are the surnames of the characters from friends     Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Joseph (Joey) Tribb

What is a pam?

In a pack of playing cards the 'pam' is the Knave (Jack) of clubs.

Where does Monica geller work?

She has worked at many different restaurants. She was prominently the head chef at Alessandro's, and then took a job at a upscale New York restaurant called Javu.

Who did Monica Geller date in Friends?

She dated many guys during the series. Some notable characters were Dr. Richard Burke, Pete Becker, Fun Bobby and Chandler Bing, her husband.

How is the 'Geller Effect' defined in 2012?

The definition of the Geller Effect has not changed. It is the alleged effect upon viewers' or audiences' metallic objects as a result of watching psychic Uri Geller perform.

What happened to ben geller on friends?

This is never fully explained, however it is assumed that he still  lived with his mothers, and still saw Ross.   Most recently, a fan theory has come up stating that per