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Read your governing documents to determine who owns the outside of the condominium. Typically, the 'outside' is owned by the association, and of which you share ownership with all other owners.

Ownership determines maintenance.
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What is a condominium?

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Is condominium association ever responsible for interior water damage due to burst pipes?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look there to find the boundary between an owner's property and the common property. This boundary can be, the 's

Who is responsible for buying new doors at a condominium?

Read your governing documents to determine ownership of the doors in question. Doors inside a unit are usually the responsibility of the unit owner. Entry doors to units are

Who assumes liability if an outside party wants to organize a pool party in the condominium building?

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Who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of limited common property in a condominium complex?

Read your governing documents to determine the answer. Often, limited common areas -- such as enclosed, attached garages in a townhouse -- are intended for the exclusive use